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    Not worrying about practicality or marketability, huh? If that's the case, I'd like to see an adventure path for epic-level characters.

    Yes, really.

    Most likely this would take characters from level 20 to 30, and should maintain a similarly grand scope for what it presents. As for the actual plot itself, I'm not entirely certain what it would be, but it should feel worthy of epic-level characters - having the world be in danger is too small for this sort of plot; the threats should be cosmic in scope (while still being surmountable by the PCs, and answering questions of why legions of angels or pantheons of gods aren't facing the problem head-on).

    I recognize the sheer scope of the problems associated with this, such as the fact that there are no epic-level rules for Pathfinder yet (with one exception), the issue of mammoth stat blocks and a dizzying array of PC and NPC options, and issues of making an engaging-but-generic story for characters that are already fairly well-defined.

    There have been very few attempts at epic-level adventures, and even fewer at epic-level adventure paths - I'd like to see it done right, for a change.

    Surely the guys who pioneered the evil adventure path are up to that.
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    I'd like to see a viking style campaign... Please. I noticed that nothing even resembling that is out for pf. Nor are than many AP's that even have people similair to vikings. But think of if it. I mean with all the rich history and culture they have? How can they not have an AP yet?

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