OOC discussion: Diabolical Plots
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    OOC discussion: Diabolical Plots

    Recruiting is now closed on this game.

    Due to a combination of the recent release of Diablo III and Blizzard's apparent interest in keeping me from playing said game I am brimming with ideas for a Diablo inspired (that is, demons and angels and crazy folk, oh my!) Pathfinder game.

    As far as the world goes I'm looking to have a slightly dark feel, but a genre savvy world that doesn't take itself too seriously despite the darkness. The world isn't very fleshed out at the moment, but I want this to be something of a sandbox and we can fill in the details as we go. I am a fan of player created content, so if you want to go visit some ruin that you decided was east of town, there's now a ruin east of town and I'd be glad to let the party explore it.

    With regard to my style of GMing, I follow the rule of cool first and foremost. My inclination is to allow players to do what they want (though they won't necessarily succeed at it). This has worked well in my live games, but I have yet to GM a play by post game so we'll see what happens.

    For a quick overview of what I'm looking to do:

    • Slightly dark fantasy world, but lots of lightheartedness
    • Sandbox type game
    • Player created content is welcome
    • Solid mix of roleplay and combat
    Here's an introduction to the setting:
    In the far reaches of the kingdom of Hallea lies the sleepy town of Perium. Perched upon the shores of Lake Banna the village is perpetually covered in the fog that rolls in off the water, penned in by the thick woods to one side and the highlands to the other.

    Though used to being isolated, things have taken a turn for the grim in this quaint burg. Following a meager harvest, the fog has thickened making it difficult for the fishing boats to alleviate the food shortage. Strange things have been seen on the edges of the the village, hiding in the mist, and there has been no contact from the outside, not even the King's tax collectors, in a long while, longer than anyone can remember since the Troubles.
    As of right now, I'm thinking I will allow Core Rulebook and Advanced Player's Guide, plus Aasimar and Tieflings from the Bestiary. I'll have to look through what's in Ultimate Magic and Combat. If you want to make a case for something else to be included I'll be glad to consider it.

    • Ability scores will be point buy as in the Core Rulebook with 20 points. I got this from the Living Pathfinder group on this board and those characters feel pretty good to me.
    • I'm thinking we'll start at level 1 but use the fast progression, and I'll probably give out more experience than normal for the first level or two. I like letting players get used to their characters at low level but pushing through to around level 3 quickly, then settling into the pace of the game. I'm not decided if I want an end level with feat progression afterward, similar to E6 rules. We can decide this once we have all the players together.
    • Two traits from the above sources will be allowed, but you have to justify them in your character's history. If you want a custom trait, feel free to come up with one and I'll take a look at it, but try to keep it around the same power level as the published traits.
    • Please come up with as much history for your character as you want. I've set up an Obsidian Portal for this game here, so let me know that you're one of the players and I'll add you to it and we can get down to the nuts and bolts of what exactly will happen.

    EDIT: I've decided to close recruiting, and so far the character ideas are looking good. I'm thinking that I'll privately set up an interesting introductory scenario with different roles for each of you.

    Other than that, let me know if you have any suggestions for what I can do better.
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