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    Guidelines for D&D Next playtest/adventure discussion here at ENW

    Please don't:

    Repost any mechanics (but see below)
    Post any of the rules or character sheets
    Create video blogs or podcasts of live play
    Put game mechanics into shared adventures
    Edition war

    Please do:

    Discuss your opinions
    Thrash out what works and what doesn't
    Stay polite to people you completely disagree with
    Share adventures with generic mechanics ("This room has 4 goblins in it.")
    Share your experience in actual play
    EDIT: from WotC: "You can talk about your current and previous playtest experiences and even talk about the rules and mechanics as long as you don’t directly quote text."


    You may now run online games via Skype, Google Hangout or our play-by-post forum provided you to do not post or upload any transcripts from your playtest, upload any playtest materials and make sure that all members of your group have signed up to playtest through the official playtest sign up process.

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