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    The D&D Next Playtest Begins...

    If you signed up for the D&D Next public playtest, you should expect an email from WotC today with instructions on how to download the playtest package. If you haven't signed up yet, do so right here and await your email!

    Some people on the forums are already reporting that they've received the email, while others haven't yet.

    While you're waiting and eagerly refreshing your email every 15 seconds, check out these useful pieces of advice:
    Happy playtesting! And remember, it's just a playtest of some specific things, not a whole game!

    The Process

    Here's how to get your playtest package.

    1) Sign up for playtest information here if you haven't already. You may have done this months ago.

    2) You'll get a confirmation email about the above, but you're waiting for another email (these are being sent in batches, so go do something else while you wait) which reads:
    Dear Dungeons & Dragons« Fan,

    You are receiving this email because you requested information about the start of the D&D Next Playtest and how to participate. We are pleased to inform you that playtesting for the next iteration of D&D« has begun!

    To thank you for your early interest and enthusiasm, we’re giving you a head start on downloading the playtest packet. Later today, we will be making the materials available to all playtesters.

    To download your official playtest packet, please click here and follow the instructions provided. You will need to log in with your Wizards account or create one if you do not already have one.
    Thank you for your interest in the D&D Next Playtest. We look forward to your participation and feedback.

    Happy Adventuring,
    The D&D Team
    3) Go to the link in that email.

    4) Fill out the required information, and agree to the "D&D Next Playtest Agreement". This agreement prohibits you from copying, reproducing, or distributing the playtest materials, but allows you to discuss them.

    5) You'll then see a page telling you that your playtest signup is approved, and asking you to wait 30-60 minutes for a download link.

    6) Finally, you'll get a download link. It will be a ZIP file containing a number of PDFs and a letter from Mike Mearls.

    NOTE: At present, a number of people are reporting that the download link does not work,a nd simply takes you to the WotC customer service page. If this is the case for you, here's what to do. This only works if you've received the emails.
    If you've recieved your second email and it's redirecting to a basic CS page with some entries on it, I have a quick workaround while we fix the problem.

    For now, just click on this link.

    It will either ask you to login or take you directly to the page where you can download the packet. This should only work if you've already been through the early process and agreed to the terms.
    UPDATE: This from WotC.

    We've identified two different issues.
    1. The download llink in the original emails was corrupted. We've fixed that problem and for most who have gone through the process so that future emails have the correct link. For those who had the problem, we'll be sending out new emails with the correct link at some point, but for now you can click on this link to get to the playtest packet.
    2. Some people signed up for the D&D Next notifiation with an different email address than the one they use for the wizards site login. In these cases, the permissions are apparently being granted to the email used to sign up but not the email you would normally use to login. If you're able to login to the site with the email you provided for the D&D Next notification, this may solve the problem, we're still looking in to this particular issue for other fixes.
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