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    Quote Originally Posted by dagger View Post
    Did not realize this was a problem since I have never seen nor experience it.
    Same here, never seen that issue crop up more than once. In my experience a good DM will use that approach by the players to demonstrate how dynamic the world is and that plot urgency can bite you in the hindquarters.

    "Hey Ralph, can you and 100 of your buddies come over. We had some adventurers last night and need to beef up our defenses."

    Or even better, I have seen a DM very reasonably move the MacGuffin or big bad to a completely different location on the basis that the secret lair is compromised and those adventurers will probably be back after they rest up.

    Or whoops, better start that evil ritual right away instead of waiting.

    Or . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercutio01 View Post
    If the long rest = full heal does stick around, that will be the very first thing I houserule.
    Same here. I don't mind it as optional, but i would prefer the core to be more difficult to heal naturally. Fast healing like that should rely on magic.

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    Well, honestly, I am perfectly fine with the superfast-healing PCs. It is not much fun to see a low-level campagn come to a grinding halt every time I throw a bruiser at the party. People often complain about the 15` Adventurer Day, but in game systems where wounds take long(er) to heal they are pretty muchg the norm.

    And on a second note, in a vancanian spell system slow healing really is a punch in the face of the wizard`s meatshields..ermh, I mean his trusted companions. So, I can beat this ogre with my axe, take 14 damage, rest a week or cast "sleep" and slit his throat? Waaaaaait, which option is preferable whenh it takes only 8 hours to regain my spell, tell me...

    The goal of the vancanian system the way Monte Cook puts it for DnDNext is to limit caster potential, not to set their surpremacy in stone.

    And it always felt a little awkward to go shopping after kicking your first 3-4 goblins`butts to get a Wand of CLW. Or smuggle it into the 'entirely random` loot list as a DM.

    It is not logical to heal from quasi-dead to Avatar of Live after a good nights rest and it may hurt immersion a little but it is a lot better than have the party retreat after every encounter.

    D&D focusses on Dungeons and Dungeon atmosphere suffers if the heroes get to make a quick escape anytime they want to because idf you prssed on as a GM they would end up dead. In the end this latter point is more intrusive to me than the "Captain Fast-Healer" syndrome of 4E. But YMMV, as always.

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    I think that the rule should be that after a long rest you recover you HD which you can use to recover hp in non magical means, that means that you might spend the entire adventuring day with no hd for mundane healing and you might have to hole down for a day somewhere and pray to god that a wondering band of monsters won't stumble on you.


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