Mowgli's Excel Adventure Tracker
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    Mowgli's Excel Adventure Tracker

    This is the Spreadsheet Adventure Tracker I developed to keep up with encounter and time based XP and GP through the course of LPF adventures.

    I think enough folks are using it now that it warrants a sticky so it doesn't get lost in the morass of posts in the General Discussion thread, or shoved to a back page.

    There's an instruction tab on the sheet that will (hopefully) answer any questions, but it's sketchy. My e-mail is listed on that tab as well, so if you find anything wrong with the sheet or have questions, just get in touch!

    It is an Excel 2010 file, and won't work correctly on earlier versions.
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    Thought it worth mentioning that the best way I've found to handle a changing cast is to separate the adventure into "acts," ending one act and starting the next on the day of the last post by the exiting cast member.

    I then use a separate tracking file for each act.

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    I installed an xlsx converter at some point to my earlier version of Excel, and the resulting xls file actually seems to calculate right in Excel and even OpenOffice so far as I've been able to determine (Google Docs doesn't support the multi-sheet references in the formulas, at least not so I've found).

    The formatting is a bit odd (there are 'ghosts' of values in some of the calculating fields, for example), but the basic functionality seems to be there. The converter is on my work computer, but I can try to run it next week and attach the xls version if anyone else wants it?

    ETA: Down-converted to an xls file. As I said, the calculation functionality seems to be fine for me in Excel 2003 and the OpenOffice spreadsheet program.
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    I got a report that the calculator was using 27 rather than 28 TXP for level 5 characters. I didn't look at the previous version posted, but the one I have on my hard drive seems correct so I just posted it as version 1.1 in the OP.

    Should be correct - let me know if you find other bugs. It's been a LONG time since I put together the file and the formulas and cell references are a hot mess of convoluted circular knots, but I'll try to remember the logic I used when putting it together and fix anything that goes wrong
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    Just made a minor modification to the Adventure Tracker - one of the little things that popped into my head and made me wonder why I'd never thought of it before. The latest version (1.3) takes time based gold into account when calculating the "Trsr +/-" box, making it easier for the GM to see how much he needs to fiddle with awarded treasure as the adventure progresses and those pesky TBG numbers pile up.

    I added a "Encounter Notes" tab in a previous version as well - just a place for the GM to drop in any random thoughts or notations about awarded treasure or any other thing that needs to be remembered about each encounter.

    Latest incarnation is now available in the first post.

    As always, if you run across errors (for any aspect, but especially for the recent changes) drop me a PM or an e-mail and let me know!

    Hope this continues to make your GMing lives a little easier!

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    Minor fix - TXP at Level 8 now corrected to 89/Day.

    For now, don't forget to set your start date one day early. The way the Tracker counts days it doesn't use the Start Date as an active adventuring day. One day I might get 'round to fixing that . . .

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