Malvoisin's Way of the Wicked, Act 1: Knot of Thorns [PFRPG] - Page 11
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    Yea I know it's a coup de grace but wasn't sure how it would go without a weapon. Guess I could take his weapon and use it on him.

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    Jaylen sees the quick thinking of the others, as he allows them to take care of the first guard. He points, saying, "Take what you can, I'll keep an eye on anyone coming. Give them a little surprise if they show up..."

    He keeps watch at the corridor, the thought of his spell still fresh on his mind. He will release another acidic blob to dart at the first enemy that shows his face. Of course, he will aim for the opponents face...

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    A weary-looking guard emerges from the southern wooden door, looking confused. He is carrying a club and a signal horn. "What, Max? Thought I heard you say something about escape, but that can't be...right..." His voice trails off as it takes only a moment for him to assess the situation. Wide-eyed, he fumbles to bring the horn quickly to his lips.

    Round Two Order
    20: Guard 1 (asleep for 1 round)
    11: Anitol
    10: Guard 2
    9: Curz
    8: Valeria
    8a: Osrin
    8b: Ethan
    2: Jaylen

    OOC: Looks like Anitol has a chance to act before the new guard can sound his horn. Best make the most of the opportunity! BTW, each of the guards does have a longsword at his hip, if anyone wants to grab a weapon from the sleeper.

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    "Blast!", Anitol mutters to himself as the second guard appears at the doorway, fumbling for the horn. He leaves the slumbering guard to his new companions as he rushes forward, brandishing his dagger.

    OOC: Move to M9
    Attempt to disarm the horn (provokes AoO, unless he counts as flat-footed)

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    As Jaylen spots one of the escapees rush the guard, he let's loose an acidic splash, hoping to thwart the guard and allow the slight chance to provide a boon to bring the guard down. It hits the guard, catching him by surprise...

    Acid Splash = 2dmg

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    Once everyone has pushed by him Curz hurries out of the cell. He moves close to the wall and down to the other side of Jaylen. (N-6)

    He watches Anitol and the guardsman struggle with the horn. He prays under his breath and his hands start to glow a pale orange. Flames lick at his fingertips as he watches the two men.


    Ready fire bolt (range 30' touch attack) for when he has a clear shot at the guard. Meaning Anitol or anyone else not providing cover.

    Stat Block

    HP: 12/12: INIT: +3
    AC: 14 (Touch: 14,Flatfooted: 10)
    CMB: +0 CMD: 14
    Fort: +2, Reflex: +3, Will: +5
    Speed: 30'

    Stealth +3, Perception +3, Sense Motive +7

    Channel Energy: 5/5 (1d6)
    Fire Bolt: 6/6 (1d6 fire dmg; range touch, 30')
    Inspiring Word: 6/6 (+2 to attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks and saves for 1 round)
    Orisons: spark, guidance, light
    level 1: murderous command, command, burning hands(d)

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    Ethan grabs the longsword from the guards sheath with a smile. "You won't be needing this anymore."

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    OOC: A holdover from round one, then round two starts...

    Jaylen's acid blob hits the guard in the chest, eliciting a cry of surprise and pain. Anitol follows up by rushing over to the guard and knocking the signal horn from his hand, sending it clattering across the floor.
    OOC: No AOO, he's flatfooted.

    Frightened and angry, the guard draws his sword and swings desperately at Anitol, slashing him across the chest with a wicked stroke!

    Curz exits the cell and moves to view the struggle down the hall, fiery magic ready at hand.

    OOC: Ready for actions from Valeria, Osrin, Ethan, Jaylen.

    Round Two Order
    20: Guard 1 (asleep for 1 round)
    11: Anitol 1/9hp acted
    10: Guard 2 -4hp acted
    9: Curz moved, action readied
    8: Valeria
    8a: Osrin
    8b: Ethan
    2: Jaylen

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    At the sound of combat Ethan rushes to the aid of the others.

    Move to N9.

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    Seizing upon his opportunity to finish off the sleeping guard, Osrin moves back towards the open prison cell door and slices the sleeping guard's throat.

    OOC: I don't know if Osrin needs to roll anything for this or not; it will be his only action of the combat round.

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