D&D 5th Edition Ed Greenwood to write 5E's Forgotten Realms

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    Ed Greenwood to write 5E's Forgotten Realms

    A recent DDI article seems to indicate that (original FR author) Ed Greenwood will be authoring the 5th Edition (D&D Next) version of the Forgotten Realms. The paragraph in question reads: "Recently I've seen petitions and strong arguments that Wizards should let Ed design the Forgotten Realms for the next edition of the game. I couldn't agree more, and some of that work is already under way. The Forgotten Realms has changed a lot in the last 25 years, and although there are major themes and ideas and flavors that haven't changed at all, in some ways the Realms has veered away from Ed's original vision. He's always been on board the Realms ship, but he hasn't always been at the rudder (to use his own metaphor), and we are rectifying that even as we speak. Keep your eyes out for some big announcements along those lines in the coming months."

    You can find the quote in the article Book Wyrms: Elminster on WotC's website.

    Note: unfortunately, while promoting this to a news article, I screwed up and the comments up until that point are now shown in an incorrect order. My apologies. I'll be more careful next time! - Morrus.
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