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    The strength of the Forgotten Realms was that there was plenty of variety in the world for what you might want to play and that you had a strong background material to help place the setting. The ruins have descriptions, even minor, of what or who held them which helps both novice and expert DMs.

    If I had any say in the matter, I'd like to see a reboot back to 3rd edition with a few slight changes:
    1) Manshoon Wars never happened... that plotline really fizzled out fast and the resolution of having the vampiric Manshoon prevail was meh.
    2) No Red Wizard enclaves.
    3) Remove most of the events described in Dragons of Faerun that led to the draconic resurgence.
    4) Varying degrees of alterations to the Shades.

    3rd edition came out with some great books: Grand History of the Realms, Champions of Valor, Champions of Ruin, Power of Faerun, Magic of Faerun, Serpent Kingdoms, Races of Faerun, and Lost Empires of Faerun stand out the most in my mind along with the Player's Guide to Faerun. A lot of the other books were more updates to previous editions.

    Having read the 4th edition campaign settign and player's guide, I struggle to find anything interesting or noteworthy that could be used other than how they paired down some of the pantheons by converting some deities into Exarchs. Even so, that's just a matter of taste and not necessarily something where you can objectively call an improvement.


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    I like the Realms; I've enjoyed a fair number of the novels and play a lot of Living Forgotten Realms nowadays. Those adventures tend to completely ignore the Big Name NPCs but still let the PCs affect the world, which is nice. Meanwhile the new season of Encounters featured Elminster personally speaking in the mind of my PC... a first-level kobold rogue. Like, really? He tells you to go get a MacGuffin then won't answer any questions. It feels super forced and awkward.

    But my favorite game set in the Realms is neither of those. In it we've spent almost a year of real life time trekking from Murann to Athkatla, which we all constantly mispronounce as Athkatal. We saved Athkatla from being secretly controlled by the Shadow Thieves, who had infiltrated the leadership of the Church of Waukeen. We're currently questing to help our fighter create a legendary weapon that can slay a certain lich, and we picked up the claw of a Spellscarred Roc in the Cloud Peaks. After that we talked about swinging by Candlekeep just to check it out on our way north to Baldur's Gate but decided instead to pass between the Werewoods and the Snakewood to Scornubel, where one of our PCs is from. Oh, and I randomly tossed a die onto a big poster map of the Realms that our friend printed at work to see where my character is from, and it landed on Dambrath, which has a cool history of once being ruled by drow, but afterthe Spellplague was freed by a uprising of other races.

    If Drizzt or Elminster or anybody else ever appears in our game I will probably poop my pants right there in Don's living room. We use the Realms as a fully-realized, deep-historied setting for our own games, about our PCs and what they want to achieve. The Realms has a heavy sense of place, of almost-reality, that serves as an inspiring backdrop to our stories, none of which have anything to do with going to Elminster for help solving our personal issues.

    That said, reverse the Spellplague please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incenjucar View Post
    You literally cannot catch up to Elminster without vast amounts of DM fiat.

    May as well try to catch up to Ao.
    Exactly--Ao exists, Elminster exists, none of that affects the PCs. What's the difference? You don't have players trying to "catch up to" the gods, do you?

    You know that the gods are out there doing divine things, and you know that Elminster is out there doing wizardy things. He's part of the mythology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delericho View Post
    and have freakishly good luck on the rolls. Effectively, you have to cheat.)
    Nope, my buddy did not cheat when he rolled 18, 15, 15, 14, 14, 12 for his character in front of everybody.

    But then again, he's sort of like Longshot from the Marvel Universe, some weird probability control (never seems to roll under a 3 on a d4).

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    Quote Originally Posted by delericho View Post
    Likewise, while Han Solo is typically presented in such a manner as to be technically rules-legal, his stats are so incredibly high that you would need to use random rolls and cheat to have a hope of matching him. Under the recommended chargen method from the books (and, incidentally, the required method for organised play), it is not possible to generate a "1st level Han".
    I don't know anything about Star Wars RPGs, but I don't think Han Solo should a 1st-level character.

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    My apologies, everyone. I promoted this to a news item and attempted to change the date of the the posts to ensure it would appear near the top of the news (unfortunately it took a few days before anybody pointed the thread out to me!). Unfortunately, I screwed it up and all the posts are now showing in the wrong order.

    They should be OK from now on. Sorry about that. Hopefully you can continue the conversation OK.

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    I'm remarkably eloquent in my OP.

    Anyway, how would people feel if, rather than a rollback or a "saga edition," the 5e Realms is a full reboot based on Ed's original vision? Does the upcoming "Elminster's Forgotten Realms" already fill that gap? Do you want to be able to play in the eras we've seen before, or would you prefer a reboot?

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    I fail to see what all the hub-bub is about. I mean it is just a setting; its not the best, certainly not the worst (personally I dislike Eberron more). Don't like it? Don't play in it. Otherwise use what you want and ignore the rest.

    Personally my group uses FR because we've all read something about it, played Baldur's Gate, etc. so its a fairly 'common ground'. But as a DM I just ignore all the books, mainly because I haven't read most of them, and if I don't particularly like something I ignore that too or change it to suit my needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delericho View Post
    If the game's about nuclear brinksmanship, and the PCs get to courier documents while James Bond deals with the real menaces - and the book makes it clear that this is what's going on, then you're damn right I'd be annoyed.
    It's difficult to take you seriously when you keep saying stuff that's directly contradicted by the quote you're attempting to villify.

    But, by all means, continue stretching you analogies. Maybe you'll eventually make people forget what you actually quoted so that you can freely attack the made-up fantasy strawman you're beating the crap out of in your imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GX.Sigma View Post
    I'm remarkably eloquent in my OP.

    Anyway, how would people feel if, rather than a rollback or a "saga edition," the 5e Realms is a full reboot based on Ed's original vision? Does the upcoming "Elminster's Forgotten Realms" already fill that gap? Do you want to be able to play in the eras we've seen before, or would you prefer a reboot?
    I don't think this would work. While talking about how great the original boxed set is in vogue, a lot of what makes the Realms what it is to many fans is the material that came afterwards. Speaking for myself, while the actual novels/modules for the Time of Troubles were terrible, the event as background to the setting is pretty cool and has led to a lot of good flavor for the Realms.

    Really, I think WotC is going to have to pick an audience and play to them. Everybody has their own favorite part of the Realms or vision of what the setting should be. Trying to please everybody is more likely to please nobody.

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