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    Our 5 Session Playtest

    (Edit: I wish I could change the thread title - b/c I am posting all our Playtest stuff here. Playtest 2 starts on Page 7).

    Before we play I am simply starting this thread to address a few issues.

    Play Style
    The part about testing your style rang true with me, so I pretty much have set up a mini campaign. I am very comfortable with the 'sandbox' style of Caves of Chaos, but I do not want it to be a hack'n'slash romp.

    So I have set the Caves in the Elsir Vale (the setting of the Red Hand of Doom and Scales of War - before these two adventures).

    I have already put together intriguing Realms Sheets (from my Homepage) for the key areas including Drellins Ferry and I will be staring the PCs there. They can roleplay around town first and the plot of a 'heir from the west' will be used (but individual PCs might have individual reasons for seeking the Caves of Chaos).

    To further encourage Interaction, each of the intelligent races will have a chance to communicate: 1d6: 1-2 Cannot understand Common; 3-4 understands the basics; 5-6 Speak fluently. (I will even use this for the leaders - I could see a gnoll chieftain using an interpreter )..

    I have also written the Caves of Chaos up using my Realms charts and included who has joined the cultists and how they interact with the other tribes. As well as sample encounters, rumours, etc

    In all we intend to fully explore 5E as a mini-campaign that suits our style.

    I want to leave most rules, but 'Reset hps at the start of each day' has never suited our style and I will be modifying this slightly (especially for PCs that suffered a nasty wound just the day before; dropped below 0 and gained no magic healing).

    We are also going with a type of opportunity attack that I have mentioned in other threads: if you move away from an armed opponent without attacking them you promote an AO. (Not sure how many AOs I should grant yet).

    We have 6 players at this stage and I have 8 PCs (I created 3 extra mix'n'matches).

    So, that is the set up - wish us luck - and warn me of anything else I need to consider.

    (Edit: We have now played the full 5 sessions over the long weekend. I will break up the different areas I wish to discuss so readers can gloss over the areas they don't care about ).
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