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    Insight's Emerald City Knights - OOC

    This thread will serve to recruit players to my effort to run the Emerald City Knights series from Green Ronin. This series is designed for 3rd edition Mutants & Masterminds. Emerald City Knights is released in installments (like an adventure path, if you are familiar with the term) and introduces the Emerald City setting, which is essentially a 3rd edition version of what Freedom City was to 1st and 2nd edition Mutants & Masterminds.

    The first adventure is the prologue, "The Silver Storm". Once that is completed, we will move on to the first full adventure.

    I am looking for players who can commit to completing a short adventure over a period of a few months. Consistent role-playing is essential, as is a fundamental understanding of not only the 3rd edition Mutants & Masterminds system, but superhero gaming in general. Those who have played any version of Mutants & Masterminds will probably be OK with a slight adjustment.

    I am giving preference to players who are refugees from my recently-defunct Secret Wars game.

    I'll accept up to 6 players.

    The game will be played with 4 - 6 PL 10 characters, built using the 3rd edition Mutants & Masterminds rules. Unless otherwise specified, the characters (and the game itself) will use the rules as published in the "Hero's Handbook"; other sources are not being used at this time. I do, however, reserve the right to add resources to the game as warranted.


    To start the initial adventure, "The Silver Storm", all of our heroes are ordinary folk. They will be built as PL 5, with 75pp. They are exceptional, but normal, people. They do not have any powers. Their abilities are capped at +5 (and really, unless there is a really strong justification for it, characters should have mostly +2s and +3s, maybe a +4 here and there). Advantages should be limited to things "normal" people have. Defenses should likewise be appropriate for "normal" people.

    But DO NOT FEAR - your characters will not be NORMAL for long!

    Once the adventure gets going, your characters will be transformed into supers! The way this will work is that, during the course of the initial adventure, your characters will each receive 75pp to spend on whatever you want to make your character SUPER! Then, the characters will get to roleplay figuring out what to do with their new capabilities.

    So, to submit for this game, I would like to see a 75pp character that is NORMAL - without any powers or crazy advantages (per the above). You can also submit a "Super" version of the same character, with all 150pp applied. This is NOT required however; I would not mind players making those decisions when the time comes.

    Because the characters are being "transformed" into supers, certain character concepts may not make much sense. The immediate example of something that may not work is an armored suit / gadgeteer character. Certainly, a character can be transformed into a "supra-genius" that could design and build such things, but that character would be at a disadvantage until they had a chance to build their gear. "Supernatural" characters such as wizards, witches, angels, devils, vampires, werewolves, and so forth are also nigh unworkable for this game (most of these characters would be inappropriate for tone reasons, anyway - see below).

    You do NOT need to submit a lengthy back story for this game. After all, to this point, your characters are "normal" and have probably not done anything very impressive anyway. This is not to say that your character should not have ANY background - a paragraph is probably sufficient.

    Keep in mind that "Emerald City Knights" is a fairly "four-color" game. There should be no anti-heroes or loners. Characters should not be killing machines or psychopaths. The characters, once made super, should be ones that can work together to defeat the evil that faces the city and its populace.

    Good guys and bad guys are going to be fairly easy to spot. This is not a conspiratorial game, and you should not expect plot surprises/twists to be jumping out at you from every corner. This is a straight-forward game, but it IS a superhero game - expect interesting things to be happening!

    My goal is to complete "The Silver Storm", the first adventure (sort of an introductory thing) within a few months. It is not an especially long adventure and is meant to get players into the greater action of this series.

    To whit, I would like to get a posting frequency of 1-2 a week from each player (and myself!). Players who vanish for some period of time will be skipped. This is to keep the game from bogging down.

    If I need to take a break for some reason - vacation, increased work load, etc - I will post a notice with an expected time to resume normal posting.


    *** GAME WILL START BY JULY 1st, 2012 ***

    The RG has been started.
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