So EN World has a new-look front page!

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    So EN World has a new-look front page!

    You may have noticed that the front page of EN World has changed a bit over the last two days. The page has been redesigned so that you can quickly access more information without having to scroll down through days of news posts. It allows us to display more news on one page than we could before. In addition, we can now include some sharing options (right now just Twitter and Google+, because the Facebook button won't play nice with the layout) to make it easier to share news with your friends.

    We also now have the ability to highlight the most popular news items automatically, so if something big happens it won't drop right off the page. At the top, you'll see the news item with the most views in the last seven days, and to the left you'll see a list of the five most popular recent news items.

    There may be some teething issues, but we'll figure them out as they arise.

    By the way, if you haven't noticed it before, you can change the colour of EN World. It doesn't have to be black! At the bottom left of every page is a "style chooser". You'll need to be logged in if you want it to remember your preference, though.
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    I like the new layout.

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