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    May 4th

    I like the March 4th tie-in. That's clever.

    I also like December 20, which could be abbreviated as D20.

    But, my personal choice, is May 4th, 'cause it's Luke Skywalker day.

    - James

    Get it? May the fourth be with you!
    James Bell
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    Here's my vote!

    1) March 4th

    2) The traditional gift for GM 's day should be a miniature. It's a fairly cheap gift (if you're not buying GW stuff, anyway) and it is a gift that keeps on giving!


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    I vote for March 4th (it helps that it is 6 days before my birthday).

    This is a great idea! Of course, being the GM 95% of the time makes me a "little" biased.

    I don't know if there should be a customary gift as such, as a GMs' players should already know his/her preferences.

    What I do propose is that grateful players plan on running a game for thier GMs. I know that (almost) every time I get to play, it is a gift!
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    Hey, thi sounds like a great idea! Maybe my mind is just warned from too many years as DM, but...

    Originally posted by Mark
    Also, it would be a great idea for everyone supporting the idea of GM's Day sending Email to the various publishers and try to garner their support as well. It's all about mobilization of sentiment now, friends!
    I may be able to help out on this end. March Fo(u)rth!
    si ɑɻ ˈɡɻet.haʊs Web site

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    Gotta add my 2 cents...
    March 4th
    Looking forward to 4E!

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    This is a pretty cool idea. Maybe various publishers could offer one-day specials for the "holiday" -- or gift certificates that players could purchase for a GM -- or...?? I'm in!
    Joseph Goodman
    Goodman Games

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    such a cool idea! March 4th sounds great, nothing else going on in March except for International Irish Get Drunk Day.

    Shopkeepers should love it, great chance to sell off more RPG stuff!
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    As I'm one of the two DMs in my group, I agree that this could be an interesting man made holiday. Now if only work would give it to me off...

    Perhaps Mark could tie it into the Games Day at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect? Move schedules around or something or a belated GM Day bash?

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    have you hugged your G.M. today?

    does your d.m. really want you hugging them?

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    great idea! imma cast my vote for the March 4th idea too! the question remains though, how do we make this a more widespread phenomenon?

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