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    On DDI Articles: Please check the News Page first [UPDATE: rule relaxed]

    We're trying to encourage conversations about a given topic to take place in a single location, rather than in multiple threads across the forum; this makes it easier for folks to find discussion of the topic they're interested in and helps ensure decent, in-depth discussions rather than a bunch of short exchanges.

    This also means that these convenient links to DDI articles appear on EVERY page of the site, rather than just in one forum, making them super-easy for people to find and access. I have included a handy-dandy screenshot guide below. They're always 1-click away, wherever you are on the site. So they're effectively "stickied" in every single forum, including the 5E forum.

    For that reason, when posting a new link to a DDI article, please check the news page/forums first to see if it's already there. That saves us mods the trouble of having to move and merge threads.

    Also, please be aware that if you post something before it hit the news page, it will likely get moved and merged there once the news topic is up. Hopefully that won't happen too often, because we have a new RSS system which should grab the latest DDI article links and intros and post them on the news page pretty quickly, and we've been working with WotC to make sure that all works correctly.

    Thanks, folks!
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