Bluffside is Returning
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    Bluffside is Returning

    Bluffside: City on the Edge, the popular d20-system sandbox-style city originally published by Mystic Eye Games a number of years ago is returning - this time for Castles & Crusades. Hal Greenberg spills the beans here: "I will get you the formal PR when I get it, but we are converting Bluffside to Castles and Crusades for Troll Lords. We are adding 12 new Places of Interest and some other neat stuff. this is a small project we are doing with just a 3 man crew from our end. We are hoping to have more Bluffside later this year, it will be adding some of the people we have talked to and some we have not yet. More news on Bluffie C&C edition, later this week and more info on the other stuff later in the year."

    Click here to see Hal's post.
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