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    1. It amuses me that he says, "yes" to showing us stuff about the fighter, and then shows us nothing about the fighter. Maybe he interpreted the question differently than I.

    2. I'm one of the people who though it was too easy to flee, ,so I'm glad they're addressing that. I'm okay with attacks of opportunity, but some other ideas might be to have it take your whole action, or have an attack for running away but not moving from one square to another adjacent to somebody, or if you run away you still have disadvantage for the attack.

    3. I agree with Remathilis about components. I hope that there is some way that wizards will be able to cast in armor for multiclassing sake. Maybe a theme/feat.

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    As far as leaving melee, I'd make it painful. I'd also roll withdraw into the dodge action. Like so...

    If you use your move to leave base to base contact with an enemy; that enemy gets to make an attack on you with advantage. This does not occur if you are using the Dodge action.

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    I have no hate for material components.

    Sure, a DM enforcing exact bookkeeping on this to a wizard player is a myconid-head. I've always just assumed that everything you need is in your pouch, except for expensive components (which however later become just a nuisance when your treasure level is high enough).

    OTOH... a player who is interested in bookkeeping them to spice up her downtime would be definitely welcome in my games. Personally I don't think it has to be turned into a nightmare, it can be just a matter of tossing a short reminder here and there that you're harvesting something from fallen monsters, or going to the forest/shops on the day off to get 50 doses of this and 20 doses of that.
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    The lack of opportunity attacks or flanking would make gameplay change DRAMATICALLY from DM to DM. More than I am comfortable with. I can handle DMs choosing modules but flanking and opportunity attacks cause such a fundamental change that an official core rules is practically required. Without the official rule, the DM fiat would be way too swingy for my comfort zone: from roguish murder machines to sometimes killers, from scared squishy suretobedead wizards to somewhat protected ones, from field death and hallway easymode to role based tactics.

    I like their rule to spell components. In the past, I used a pay X get Y days worth of consumables be they arrows, bullets, or spell components. It is just a plot device to limit resources during imprisonment or in hick towns. This is good. Not too complicated with little bookkeeping but limiting spamming expensive spells with no cost.
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