Minis with Enemies, taking tabletop mini gaming digital Kickstarter Project

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    Minis with Enemies, taking tabletop mini gaming digital Kickstarter Project

    Minis with Enemies, taking tabletop mini gaming digital: Minis with Enemies brings the creativity, adventure, camaraderie and competition of tabletop miniature gaming to life on your PC, Tablet and Mobile devices! For the first time, you’ll be able to experience authentic miniature gaming any time or anywhere with your closest friends and enemies around the world.

    Minis with Enemies is everything you want in a tabletop miniature game. Collect, trade and paint hundreds of highly detailed Minis to build your ultimate army. Command your Minis into the depths of the deepest, darkest dungeons and battle your way through Adventure Maps to earn coins, items, and uncover new Minis.

    The Minis with Enemies turn-based gameplay, allows you to play multiple games simultaneously alongside or against friends, enemies and strangers on predefined Adventure Maps. Or, take on the all-powerful role of the Game Master and create the adventure of your dreams (and their nightmares) by building a fully customized map using creatures, treasures and tiles you’ve collected on your journeys, or purchased in the bazaar.

    Minis with Enemies can be played across all platforms including your PC or MAC, as well as most tablets and smart phones.

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters.
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