Companions of the Firmament - Pathfinder RPG Compatible Kickstarter Project
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    Companions of the Firmament - Pathfinder RPG Compatible Kickstarter Project

    Companions of the Firmament - Pathfinder RPG Compatible: Companions of the Firmament is a roleplaying game 144+ page book that is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Paizo Publishing. CotF is meant as a supplement for both game masters and players that focuses on creating adventures and characters that involve flying.

    A brief rundown of some of the material included:

    • The Wyrm Rider archetype for Cavaliers to have a customized domesticated dragon as their companion
    • The Sky Pilgrim archetype for Monks that focus on utilizing the element of air for exploration, offense and defense
    • A printable “creature sheet” that has 20 pictures of a variety of mounts which you can cut out, mount on thick card/wood/plastic and use on a battle grid with miniatures to easily represent being mounted
    • Expanded list of flying companions for Druids and Rangers
    • Animal Companion structured for creatures such as the Pegasus, Griffon, and Giant Eagle
    • Domesticated flying mounts and pets designed and scaled for any character regardless of class
    • Gear specific for use in flight
    • Elaboration and extended rules to cover where the existing ruleset falls silent in regard to flying
    • Modular flying rules that fit the needs of the scene, adventure or playstyle of the group
    • Creature sheets that includes all of the information for how it performs in flight on a single sheet of paper
    • Advice and optional rules for dealing with flight in campaigns at any level and playstyles
    • Consolidation of the exiting Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules that pertain to flying so that everything is in one location for ease of reference.

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters.
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    And we have LIFT OFF!

    Early morning, and about 60 hours into the campaign, we reach the funding goal! I'm blown away at how fast that went and deeply humbled by all the support.

    What next? I wasn't expecting it to happen this fast. There are stretch goals and achievements that I've outlined in case this happened. Now I need to map them out in detail and see what is possible. I'll have new updates available in the next couple of days on where to take this bird.

    Thanks everyone!


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    Stretch Your Wings, Lets Go Higher!

    With a month left in the Kickstarter of Companions of the Firmament there is a huge vault of sky to continue exploring with stretch goals.

    Stretch Goal Vector #1 Additional Creature Sheets

    If we reach $2000, and every $500 after that, an additional Creature Sheet will be created and given to ALL BACKERS in the form of a PDF.

    Sheet #1 Mounts (already available to all backers)
    Sheet #2 Additional Mounts @$2000
    Sheet #3 Large Size Dragons, ALL of them (Chromatic, Metallic, Imperial and Primal) @$2500

    Additional creature sheets will emerge if we keep climbing!

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    For those who enjoy listening to podcasts, Carnagecast with Tyler Dion interviewed me about Companions of the Firmament and Geek Industrial Complex.

    You can stream or download here.

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    We've gained altitude, passing the $2000 mark and unlocking the first stretch goal for the Companions of the Firmament Kickstarter!

    As we ascend we are joining up with twenty new creatures high in the heavens in the form of a new creature sheet with artwork done by Justin McElroy. This new sheet will expand upon the existing creature sheet, illustrating even more mounts that you'll be able to print out, cut up and have ready for your gaming table.

    This stretch goal is available to ALL BACKERS!


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    Death From Above! Flying Monster Sheet Stretch Goals

    A new vector of stretch goals are now up for Companions of the Firmament Kickstarter. See update #6 for the details.

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    There be dragons! Dragon Creature Sheet stretch goal is reached!

    We just climbed to $2500 and find a lot of new company in the skies with a creature sheet devoted exclusively to dragons. All twenty dragons in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Chromatic, Metallic, Primal and Imperial) will be illustrated to use as large size counters for mounts or adversaries on your tabletop, available as black & white line art, or fully colored.

    This brings us to three creature sheets total that will be available as a PDF to all backers:

    The Original Creature Sheet
    Stretch Goal 1: More Mounts
    Stretch Goal 2: Dragons

    Keep a look out for more creature sheet stretch goals. I want to put more in there, the hard part is trying to choose what to include. There is so much I want to cram into CotF and getting the right mix for the creature sheets is important.

    Feel free to add comments on what you would want to see in future ones and I'll see if those ideas can work with the lineups I'm planning.

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    Here Be Dragons, Part II! Creature Sheet Artwork is done!

    The stretch goal artwork is rolling in now. Creature Sheet #3 is now done, focusing on Dragons with artwork by Justin McElroy.

    One approach to flying mounts in the system is to get a monster cohort, however dragons have not been included in this approach. Companions of the Firmament fixes that by laying out having dragon cohorts, detailing all 20 different dragons (chromatic, metallic, primal and imperial) when they are right around the young age of development.

    This creature sheet gives you black and white line art or full color tokens that you can print, cut out and then mount on heavy card stock so you can easily represent them on a battlegrid, and effortless show if your character is mounted or not simply by placing your figure on the token.

    You can also use them as an inexpensive resource for flying opponents in your campaigns.

    Black and white line art is available for those who want to spend less on printing, or would like to color their dragons. Pick on of the twenty, pull out some colored pencils or markers and customize your dragon just the way you like!

    Monster Sheet Stretch Goal, We're almost there!

    We're just shy of hitting the second stretch goal for the Monster Sheets. It's like the next backing will upgrade the stretch goal so that 100 monster sheets will be prepared for all backers.

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    Update #10 : Wind Beneath My Wings: Custom Artwork Upgrade!

    Artwork is an important element to my vision of Companions of the Firmament and so going into this final stage of the campaign the customized artwork reward levels (Pegasus Rider, Griffon Rider, Mystery Rider, Eagle Rider, Champions of the Firmament, and Lords of the Firmament) now have an upgrade to the backing rewards.

    Each of the above reward levels will now include the 20" x 24" signed and numbered ART PRINT by the artist Justin McElroy. This is a one time limited print run of the artwork and will look great hanging on the wall, inviting people to spend some time gazing at the art and perhaps finding something new each time.

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    Update #11 : "There's... too... many... of them..." Creature Sheet Stretch Goal News!

    The Creature Sheet #2 Stretch goal artwork has rolled in! The wild and weird are ready now for you to just hop on their back and leap into the air. The artist, Justin McElroy, said he had a lot of fun doing this sheet, but also wished these guys were larger so he could have packed more detail into them. Perhaps some of them will show up in the book and let the detail really explode onto the page.

    I'm working on a final Creature Sheet Stretch goal for the final week. Getting the list finalized is the tough job. There are so many cool things that could be illustrated, but getting it to match up with the needs of the book is the challenging part. Stay tuned!

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