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    Like the 1e reprints earlier, the fact that I still have all my 3.5e books and am unlikely in the extreme ever to use them again makes me quite unlikely to buy this release, but...

    I am delighted that WotC is reprinting them, both for those who want to replace or pick up something they don't have, those who love 3.X enough to want multiple copies and the fact that this represents a distinct shift in WotC's policy towards older editions.

    Who knows, maybe we will yet see electronic versions of the full back catalogue available once again - joy of joys, that would be!!
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    I'm glad they had a survey. I still have my 3.5 books, including a few of those on that list. So I clicked on none of the above and in the comments asked for stuff from the older editions, of which I'm missing a fair amount.

    I'm not picky, I'll take pdfs!

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    The one book I would absolutely clamour for a reworked reprint of would be Tome of Magic.
    That was a beautiful, beautiful book, but the Truenamer was mechanically flawed to the point of unusability, and the Shadowcaster (though exceedingly flavourful) is commonly viewed as somewhat underpowered. While the original book was worth price of admission on the merits of the magnificent Binder section alone, it would be great to see the other two parts revised.

    (I know that Ari Marmell [Mouseferatu], who wrote the Shadowcaster, had posted his own mechanical fixes on the forums a while after publication. Even just reprinting with those incorporated would be nice. [Though it would be better still if WotC could hire Ari to reexamine more thoroughly.])

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    I took the survey even though I have most if not all of the 3.5 books that I want. What I did ask for in the commments section was for them to either do hardcover compilations of the Savage Tide and Age of Worms AP's from Dungeon or license them to Paizo so that they can Pathfinderize those bad boys.

    IF WOTC did that I would LOVE THEM FOREVER.
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    There was a lot of good material in the FR books -- perhaps they should compile some of that crunch and reprint it for people who won't touch an FR book with a 10' pole but would buy it if reformatted for generic D&D.

    Oh, and adventures.

    And while I'm wishing for ponies and rainbows and unicorns, why not let Paizo produce a print version of Dungeon again?
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    I took the survey. There's a comments section at the end. I asked for pdfs there.
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    For those interested in a Rules Cyclopedia re-print, you may want to look into the retro-clone Dark Dungeons.

    Free PDF

    Printed Version for Sale on Lulu (Softcover available too)

    I recently looked into it, there are little to no differences between it and what is contained in the RC.


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    Looking forward to Next coming out so they can close out the errata on 4E and re-release the core 4E books with all the errata. I'd love to have functioning books.

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    It took them years, but they finally wised up and are giving the 3.5 fans (some of) what we want. Now we need PDFs available, and we can forget the whole stupid "We will stop selling 3.5 pdfs so you'll have to buy 4E" scheme.

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    The only thing that would cause my heart to momentarily stop beating is if rather than reprinting older edition rule books, they instead began converting each editions adventures to be used with your preferred edition.

    I don't know how many 1e, 2e, and 3e players would buy converted adventures (I know I'd snatch up every single 3.5 conversion available), but there is certainly plenty of 4e and 5e players that would love to buy and play some classic adventures in their edition. I would even be interested in playing some 4e adventures in my 3.5 game.

    I don't need reprints of rules books. I can get used copies if I really wanted to play it. What I can't get are converted adventures for my edition. I would pour money into their pockets for that. I'm sure this isn't feasible from a business standpoint, but I can dream.
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