D&D 4th Edition Judges needed for Gencon 2012 D&D Games

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    Judges needed for Gencon 2012 D&D Games

    From Dave C of Baldman Games: "Do you enjoy D&D? Do you think Gencon is the greatest show on earth? Well we need you then. Wizards of the Coast is still looking for volunteers to run games of D&D 4th edition and D&D Next at Gencon 2012 this August. Judges can earn free books, shirts, badges to the show, and even free hotel rooms. Reduce your costs for the show to basically food for running a game you already know and love. We have 120+ judges already at the show and would love for you to join us.

    For more information head here. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dave C of Baldman Games at webmaster baldmangames.com."
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