4E Leif's "Revenge of the Giants" [4E] [RG]
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    Leif's "Revenge of the Giants" [4E] [RG]

    This is the thread in which our players: Distracting Flare, drothgery, hafrogman, Knowlege Checks, Insight, and Son of Meepo should post their approved characters. Here are the character generation requirements:

    Character Requirements:
    build at 1st Level - 22 points
    Level at Start of Play - 12th
    Class - PH1, PH2, PH3, FRPG, HotFL, HotFK
    Race - FRPG Core PC Races Only
    Alignment - Good or Lawful Good
    Deity - Any Good/Lawful Good in FRPG
    Sanity - Yes, Please
    Magic Items - Standard for 12th Level


    XP Tracker: 32,000


    Threads in this game:

    Recruiting: http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...ow-closed.html

    IC: not started yet

    OOC: http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...ition-ooc.html

    RG: http://www.enworld.org/forum/rogues-...dition-rg.html
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    Sariel, LG eladrin warlord 12 (battle captain)

    Sariel Kalantar was the daughter an eladrin noble (and one of Myth Drannor's senior military commanders) who despaired of her obsessive interest in all things martial -- from stories and legends to training manuals and true histories of war -- despite being short, not very strong, and not especially quick of hand. Her parents would have much preferred that she take up wizardry, or sword magic, or even song magic -- and at least in the latter she'd shown a little interest and a great deal of talent. But she had begged a place in one of Myth Drannor's military academies, and her parents had obliged her. She had placed first in every academic subject, but if she was not the worst hand with sword or bow to pass through the academy, it was a very near thing.

    Nonetheless, she managed to charm her way into an adventuring company where a few well-placed words of encouragement and tactical pointers -- and that she would cheerfully patch up their injuries after battle -- seemed to cover up the fact that she very rarely managed to do any damage with her rapier. Heise and Althous had been part of the group she tagged along with then, and while the sorcerer moved on in time, she and the monk would eventually see much of Faerun.

    iPlay4e sheet (has all powers and items hyperlinked to the Compendium)
    character builder summary
    ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
    Sariel Kalantar, level 12
    Eladrin, Warlord (Marshal), Battle Captain
    Build: Tactical Warlord
    Warlord Option: Combat Leader
    Commanding Presence Option: Resourceful Presence
    Occupation - Scholar (Religion class skill)
    Theme: Scholar

    STR 9, CON 14, DEX 11, INT 22, WIS 11, CHA 20

    STR 8, CON 13, DEX 10, INT 17, WIS 10, CHA 15

    AC: 29 Fort: 25 Ref: 28 Will: 28
    HP: 81 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 20

    Arcana +19, Bluff +16, Diplomacy +16, Dungeoneering +11, Heal +11, History +19, Religion +17

    Acrobatics +6, Athletics +4, Endurance +7, Insight +6, Intimidate +11, Nature +6, Perception +6, Stealth +5, Streetwise +11, Thievery +5

    Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
    Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
    Scholar Utility: Use Vulnerability
    Eladrin Racial Power: Fey Step
    Warlord Feature: Inspiring Word
    Warlord Attack 1: Commander's Strike
    Warlord Attack 1: Direct the Strike
    Warlord Attack 1: Powerful Warning
    Warlord Attack 1: Destructive Surprise
    Warlord Utility 2: Adaptive Stratagem
    Warlord Attack 3: Inspire Resilience
    Warlord Attack 5: Scent of Victory
    Warlord Utility 6: Reorient the Axis
    Warlord Attack 7: Friendly Fire
    Warlord Attack 9: Warlord's Recovery
    Warlord Utility 10: Tactical Orders
    Battle Captain Attack 11: Force Retreat
    Battle Captain Utility 12: Bolt of Genius

    Level 1: Bardic Ritualist
    Level 1: Ritual Caster
    Level 2: Improved Inspiring Word
    Level 4: Improved Defenses
    Level 6: Improved Resources
    Level 8: Lend Might
    Level 10: Lend Strength
    Level 11: Combat Commander
    Level 12: Fight On

    Adventurer's Kit
    Light Shield x1
    Feytouched Earthhide Armor +3 x1
    Acrobat Boots x1
    Battle Standard of Healing
    Comrades' Succor
    Cure Disease
    Raise Dead
    Remove Affliction
    Residuum (Any)
    Fine Clothing
    Ritual Book
    Gray Rain Cloak
    Traveler's Chant
    Courtier's Cape +3 x1
    Ritual Candle
    Linked Portal
    Phantom Steed
    Harmonic Songblade Rapier +2 x1
    Crossbow Bolts
    Bag of Holding
    ====== End ======
    Sariel—Female Eladrin Warlord 12 (battle captain)
    Initiative: +15, Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 16
    AC: 29, Fort: 25, Reflex: 28, Will: 28; +5 vs Charm; Speed: 6
    HP: 81/81, Bloodied: 40, Surge: 20, Surges left: 9/9;
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
    At-will powers -
    Commander's Strike, Direct the Strike
    Encounter powers -
    Use Vulnerability [], Fey Step [], Inspiring Word [][][], Powerful Warning [],
    Inspire Resilience [], Friendly Fire [], Force Retreat [],
    Adaptive Stratagem [], Reorient the Axis [], Tactical Orders []
    Daily powers -
    Destructive Surprise [], Scent of Victory [],
    Warlord's Recovery [], Bolt of Genius []
    Item powers -
    Harmonic Songblade Rapier +2 (daily), Courtier's Cape +3 (daily),
    Ritual Candle (daily), Feytouched Earthhide Armor +3 (enc),
    Battle Standard of Healing (enc), Acrobat Boots (at-will)
    125 gp spent to acquire detect secret doors ritual
    25gp of residium used to cast detect secret doors ritual on 8/24
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    Baramos Rathmore, G Dragonborn Paladin|Sorcerer (Paragon Hybrid)


    Character Sheet Link

    Baramos' Stats
    Baramos Rathmore - Dragonborn Paladin|Sorcerer (Ironwrought) 12
    Status: Normal
    Passive Perception 16, Passive Insight 16
    AC 31, Fort 25, Reflex 21, Will 26
    HP 82/82, Bloodied 41, Surge Value 22, Surges 10/10
    Resist 10 fire
    Speed 5, Initiative +5
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind []
    At-Will Powers
    Ardent Strike,
    Burning Spray,
    Divine Challenge,
    Imposter's Armor,
    Throwing Shield,
    Encounter Powers
    Battle Standard of Honor [],
    Call of Challenge [],
    Dragon Breath [],
    Flame Spiral [],
    Fog Form [],
    Inevitable Strike [],
    Rimestorm [],
    Spark Form [],
    Swift Escape [],
    Valorous Smite []
    Daily Powers
    Adamantine Echo [],
    Catstep Boots [],
    Hallowed Circle [],
    Lightning Breath [],
    Symbol of the Champion’s Code [],
    Throwing Shield [],
    Vanguard Weapon [],
    Wrath of the Gods []
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    Good Human Sorcerer 12

    All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players:
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts

    In my time I have played many parts. Urchin, actor, thief, mage, outlaw, traveler and adventurer.

    Amn holds much for those with the coin to spare, but for its own poor, it spares no pity. A child growing up on those streets does what is needed to survive. I was no better than most, I suppose, my earliest years spent begging, running odd jobs and otherwise scraping together whatever living I could.

    Eventually my skills and proclivities found me a place among a small acting troupe. My handsome features and personable nature were enough to make me an endearing presence on the stage. But an actor's life in ever an uncertain one, and so one makes ends meet. In between learning lines and scenes I learned to work an audience, picking pockets and relieving our customers of any excess valuables. I spent many years among that troupe, honing my skills and growing from a child to a young man and star. Perhaps I would still be there today, if the change had not come upon me.

    To this day I do not know why, or even exactly when it happened. At first it was just small things, a breeze on an otherwise still day, small shocks and quiet rumbles. Eventually I realized that I was controlling these occurrences, but even then I had no concept of what awaited me. I thought of them as small tricks, of no lasting importance. I used them in our plays, to create sounds and effects, lending realism to our imaginary stories.

    But if Amn has no pity for a poor urchin, it has even less for a budding mage, particularly one not under the thumb of the Cowled Wizards. My unknowing experiments and displays of my talents had attracted unwelcome attention. The years of loyalty from friends and colleagues earned me barely enough warning to flee, but nothing more. No one could harbor me, no one could aid me. I had to flee Amn and my old life lest I end up locked away in the Spellhold.

    I traveled widely in that time, eventually coming to realize the potential and also the dangers of the magic that had welled up inside me. In time I mastered it, at least as much as one can master such an unbridled force. But I was always careful to use it to help the weak and the ignored . . . I have seen first hand the fruits of a society that believes it has no need for compassion.

    CB Summary
    ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
    Heise, level 12
    Human, Sorcerer, Lightning Fury
    Spell Source Option: Storm Magic
    Human Power Selection Option: Bonus At-Will Power
    Amn (Amn Benefit)
    Theme: Windlord

    STR 10, CON 14, DEX 18, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 20

    STR 9, CON 13, DEX 15, INT 13, WIS 11, CHA 15

    AC: 25 Fort: 24 Ref: 26 Will: 29
    HP: 81 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 21

    Arcana +13, Bluff +16, History +13, Streetwise +17, Thievery +17

    Acrobatics +12, Athletics +10, Diplomacy +13, Dungeoneering +9, Endurance +10, Heal +9, Insight +9, Intimidate +13, Nature +9, Perception +11, Religion +10, Stealth +12

    Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
    Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
    Windlord Attack: Wind Fury Assault
    Sorcerer Attack 1: Lightning Strike
    Sorcerer Attack 1: Dragonfrost
    Sorcerer Attack 1: Storm Walk
    Sorcerer Attack 1: Whirlwind
    Sorcerer Attack 1: Ice Javelins
    Thievery Utility 2: Fast Hands
    Sorcerer Attack 3: Dancing Lightning
    Sorcerer Attack 5: Thunder Leap
    Sorcerer Utility 6: Extinguishing Rain
    Sorcerer Attack 7: Spark Form
    Sorcerer Attack 9: Winds of Change
    Windlord Utility 10: Wind Step
    Lightning Fury Attack 11: Furious Bolts
    Lightning Fury Utility 12: Lightning in the Blood

    Level 1: Jack of All Trades
    Level 1: Linguist
    Level 2: Unarmored Agility
    Level 4: Sorcerous Blade Channeling
    Level 6: Implement Expertise (Light blade)
    Level 8: Tempest Magic
    Level 10: Resilient Focus
    Level 11: Fleet-Footed
    Level 12: Improved Defenses

    Vicious Dagger +3 x1
    Magic Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +3 x1
    Safewing Amulet +3 x1
    Bracers of the Perfect Shot (heroic tier) x1
    Boots of Striding x1
    Burglar's Gloves x1
    Belt of Vigor (heroic tier) x1
    Circlet of Authority
    Thieves' Tools
    Backpack (empty)
    Flint and Steel
    Belt Pouch (empty)
    Everburning Torch
    Fine Clothing
    Potion of Healing
    ====== End ======

    Character Sheet

    mini stat block
    Heise - Good Human Sorcerer 12
    Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 21
    AC:25, Fort:24, Reflex:26, Will:29 -- Speed:8
    HP:81/81, Bloodied:40, Surge Value:21, Surges left:8/8
    Initiative +10 (+16 within 10 squares of Sariel)
    Action Points: 1

    Resist 10 Lightning
    Resist 10 Thunder
    Pierce 10 Thunder
    Trade Resistance, Pierce for +4 to all defenses TENT
    Ignore Lightning Resistance, Treat Lightning Immunity as resistance = 1/2 HD
    +1 to all flying effects
    Saving Thow Mods: +2
    Reduce all falls by 30 ft
    Crit: +3d12, push 1, fly 5
    Action Point: 4 damage to 1,2 or 3 creatures within 5
    Second Wind: Push adjacent creatures 1


    Dragonfrost (RBA), Fast Hands, Lightning Strike, Storm Walk
    Dancing Lightning, Furious Bolts, Spark Form, Whirlwind, Windfury Assault, Wind Step
    Extinguishing Rain, Ice Javelins, Lightning in the Blood, Thunder Leap, Winds of Change
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    Durn Duradin, Mechanics
    Dwarf Fighter | Shield Adept 12
    Theme: Mercenary
    Background: Occupation - Military | Background Benefit: +2 to Endurance
    Lawful Good

    STR: 21
    CON: 21
    DEX: 12
    INT: 11
    WIS: 14
    CHA: 9

    AC: 30
    FORT: 29
    REFLEX: 22
    WILL: 21
    HP: 102 | Bloodied: 51
    Surges: 14 | Surge Value: 25
    INIT: +7
    - +13 with Warlord bonus (within 10sq)
    SPD: 5

    Cast Iron Stomach: +5 to saving throws against poison
    Dwarven Resilience encounter power
    Encumbered Speed: Armor or heavy load does not reduce speed
    Stand Your Ground: Reduces forced movement against him by 1 square. He can make an immediate saving throw against being knocked prone.

    Armor: Up to Scale, All Shields
    Weapons: All Military, All Simple
    Combat Challenge: He marks any creature he attacks. Marked foes take a -2 penalty to attack rolls that do not include him as a target. He can make a melee basic attack against an adjacent enemy marked by him who shifts or makes an attack that does not include him as a target. The mark lasts until the end of his next turn or when he marks another target.
    Combat Superiority: +2 bonus to opportunity attack rolls. A successful hit stops any movement (if any) that provoked the opportunity attack.
    One Handed Weapon Talent: +1 to attack rolls with one handed weapons.
    Covering Action: When wielding a shield, he can spend an action point to gain superior cover against ranged and area attacks until the end of his next turn.
    Shield Bearer's Payback: When an adjacent enemy makes a melee attack against one of his allies, he gains a cumulative +2 bonus to the next melee damage roll he makes.

    +2 to Intimidate and Streetwise (added below)
    When he is bloodied, he gains a +1 power bonus to all defenses
    Takedown Strike encounter power

    Trained: Athletics +14, Endurance +18, Heal +13
    Untrained: Acrobatics +5, Arcana +6, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +5, Dungeoneering +10, History +6, Insight +8, Intimidate +7, Nature +8, Perception +8, Religion +6, Stealth +5, Streetwise +7, Thievery +5
    Passive Insight: 18
    Passive Perception: 18
    Languages: Common, Dwarven

    Battering Shield: When he is wielding a heavy shield and he pushes or slides a target with a melee attack, he can move that target 1 additional square (added to values below).
    Bludgeon Expertise: He gains a +2 feat bonus to weapon attack rolls with hammers or maces. He gains a +1 feat bonus to the number of squares he pushes or slides creatures with weapon attacks he makes with a hammer or mace (added to values below).
    Dodge Giants: He gains a +1 bonus to AC and Reflex against the attacks of enemies Large size or larger.
    Dwarven Weapon Training: He gains proficiency with all hammers and axes and adds a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with them (added below).
    Hindering Shield: Whenever he pulls, pushes, or slides a creature with an attack while using a shield, he can also slow that creature until the start of his next turn.
    Shield Defense: When he hits with a power that requires a shield, he gains a +1 bonus to AC and Reflex until the end of his next turn or he stops using the shield.
    Shield the Fallen: When he is adjacent to a bloodied, unconscious, or helpless ally, he grants a +2 bonus to saving throws and all defenses.
    Superior Fortitude: Add a +2 bonus to Fort defense (already added above). Gain resist 6 against ongoing damage.

    MELEE BASIC ATTACK: At-Will; Standard Action. Melee weapon. Target: 1 Creature. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +19 vs AC, 1d10+10 damage.
    RANGED BASIC ATTACK: At-Will; Standard Action. Ranged Weapon. Target: 1 Creature. Crossbow: +9 vs AC, 1d8+1 damage.
    COMBAT CHALLENGE: At-Will; Immediate Interrupt. Melee. Keywords: Martial, Weapon. Effect: Whenever an enemy marked by him is adjacent to him and shifts or makes an attack that does not include him as a target, he can make a melee basic attack against that enemy.
    SHIELD FEINT: At-Will; Standard Action. Melee weapon. Target: 1 Creature. Keywords: Martial, Weapon. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +19 vs AC, 1d10+10 damage. Hit: He gains a +3 power bonus to his next attack roll against the target before the end of his next turn. [ALT CHOICE: BRASH STRIKE: At-Will; Standard Action. Melee weapon. Target: 1 Creature. Keywords: Martial, Weapon. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +21 vs AC, 1d10+15 damage. Effect: He grants combat advantage to the target until the start of his next turn.]
    TIDE OF IRON: At-Will; Standard Action. Melee weapon. Target: 1 Creature. Keywords: Martial, Weapon. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +19 vs AC, 1d10+10 damage. Hit: He can push the target up to 4 squares and then shift into the square that the target left. Special: The target must be no larger than Large size.
    DWARVEN RESILIENCE: Encounter; Minor action. Personal. Effect: He uses his second wind.
    IMMEDIATE VENGEANCE: Encounter; Immediate Interrupt. Melee 1. Target: Triggering Enemy. Keyword: Martial. Trigger: An enemy adjacent tohim hits him or an ally with a melee attack. Unarmed: +17 vs Fort, 1d10 damage. Hit: The target is weakened until the end of his next turn.
    IRON BULWARK: Encounter; Standard Action. Melee weapon. Target: 1 Creature. Keywords: Martial, Weapon. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +19 vs AC, 2d10+10 damage. Effect: He gains a +2 power bonus to AC until the end of his next turn.
    SHIELD BASH: Encounter; Standard Action. Melee 1. Target: 1 Creature. Keyword: Martial. Unarmed: +13 vs Reflex, 1d10+7 damage. Hit: He pushes the target up to 4 squares. Special: When charging, he can use this power in place of a melee basic attack.
    SUDDEN SHIELD BASH: Encounter; Immediate Interrupt. Melee 1. Target: The Triggering Enemy. Keyword: Martial. Trigger: An adjacent enemy marked by him shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include him as a target. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +15 vs Fort. Hit: The target is stunned until the end of his next turn.
    TAKEDOWN STRIKE: Encounter; No Action. Melee 1. Target: The Triggering Enemy. Keyword: Martial. Trigger: He hits an adjacent enemy with an attack. Effect: The target takes 5 extra damage and is knocked prone.
    PRESS OF STEEL: Daily; Standard Action. Melee 1. Target: 1 Creature. Keywords: Martial, Weapon. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +19 vs AC. Hit: If the target is adjacent to him and blocking terrain, the target is restrained (save ends). The condition also ends if he is no longer adjacent to the target. Miss: Half damage and if the target is adjacent to him and blocking terrain, it is immobilized until the end of his next turn.
    SHIELD DEFLECTION: Daily; Immediate Interrupt. Personal. Keyword: Martial. Trigger: An attack against his AC or Reflex misses him. Effect: He chooses a creature within 2 squares of him and within range of the triggering attack, including the triggering attacker. The attacker repeats the attack against that creature.
    SHIELD WALL: Daily; Minor Action. Personal. Keywords: Martial, Stance. Effect: Until the stance ends, he and his allies adjacent to him gain cover against ranged and area attacks.
    UNEXPECTED SHIELD BASH: Daily; Standard Action. Melee 1. Target: 1 Creature. Keyword: Martial. Unarmed: +17 vs AC, 3d10+5 damage. Miss: Half damage. Effect: He marks each enemy within 5 squares of him who can see him until the end of his next turn.
    UNSTOPPABLE: Daily; Minor Action. Personal. Effect: He gains 2d6+5 temporary hp.
    VICTORIOUS SURGE: Daily; Standard Action. Melee weapon. Target: 1 Creature. Keywords: Healing, Martial, Reliable, Weapon. Giantslayer Craghammer +3: +19 vs AC, 3d10+10 damage. Hit: He regains 25 hp.
    VIGILANT PROTECTOR: Daily; Minor Action. Personal. Keywords: Martial, Stance. Effect: Until the stance ends, he takes a -1 penalty to AC and Reflex, but each ally gains a +2 power bonus to AC and Reflex while adjacent to him.

    Wealth: 4pp
    Magic Items: Boots of Free Movement (Feet; He gains a +2 item bonus to saving throws against effects that apply the slowed, immobilized, or restrained conditions), Gauntlet of the Ram (Hands; +1 square to push effects, already added), Giantslayer Craghammer +3 (Weapon; He adds a +3 item bonus to damage rolls against Large or larger humanoids), Hammer Shield (Heavy Shield; When he hits an enemy with an attack power using a hammer, he gains a +1 bonus to all defenses until the start of his next turn), Magic Wyvernscale Armor +3 (Armor), Steadfast Amulet +3 (Neck).
    Magic Item Powers: Boots of Free Movement (Encounter; Minor Action; He makes a saving throw against a slow, immobilize, or restrain effect that a save can end), Giantslayer Craghammer +3 (Encounter; Immediate Interrupt; Trigger: A giant tries to push, stun, or knock him prone; Effect: He is immune to the push or the stun and does not fall prone), Steadfast Amulet +3 (Daily; Immediate Interrupt; Trigger: He is subjected to a dazed or stunned condition by an attack; Effect: He makes a saving throw against the condition. Special: On a failed saving throw granted by this item power, he does not expend the use of this item power).
    Mundane Items: Adventurer's Kit, Dagger, Crossbow, 20 Bolts
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Name: Althous
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Good (Chaotic Good)
    Class: Monk (Centered Breath)
    Paragon Path: Ghostwalker
    Background: Artisan
    Theme: Knight Hospitaler


    Temple of the Seven Fortunes

    The path to inner peace is often a conflicted road. Before one may understand tranquility one must first experience adversity. Only by transforming obstacles into opportunities may one begin to live a harmonious life. This is the essence of the way.

    Each blessing of the seven fortunes is a thing to be done, not a thing to have. Many who claim to possess a virtue are only fooling themselves and those that listen to him. What man can say that he is honorable or sincere? Only one who is neither. But one could say, in this situation I acted honorably, or in my dealings yesterday I was sincere. The way does not require more than this.

    The monks of the Seven Fortunes do not live in temples that are high on mountain tops or hidden in ancient forests. Their temples are found wherever people live, whether a massive metropolis or lonely hamlet. The philosophy of the seven fortunes teaches that one must live and experience life in order to truly understand it. Therefore the monks engage themselves in whatever communities they find themselves, but usualy do not openly identify themselves as such. The idea that a person is a thing because they are named it goes against their teachings, so the temples are often disguised behind some other business.

    Slow Billows Forge

    There's a temple in the city of Waterdeep, though most inhabitants of the city only know of it as the Slow Billows Forge, a blacksmiths guild that produces excellent work but takes longer than most to do so. The act of creation, of action that makes a thing, resonates with their philosophy and the trade is seen as a useful learning exercise as well as providing money for the temple and serving as its disguise. The craft of forging requires patience, strength, and concentration, as a single mistake at the wrong moment can ruin a piece.


    Althous grew up on the streets of Waterdeep among the docks and with other kids that had either run away or been abandoned by their parents and the city. The streets became his new parents and his fellow thieves his siblings. It was a rough childhood and he probably wouldn't have lived to be an adult if he hadn't tried to rob from the Slow Billows Forge. The surprisingly agile blacksmiths caught Althous and offered to let him live with them instead of sending him to prison.

    When they took him in he was a brash thug, hiding his hear beneath false cruetly. It took years of hard work at the forge and unnatural patience from the monks, but over time he was able to shed the street persona and begin to find balance within himself and the world. Through meditation at the forge he learned patience, but he didn't forget the children that still lived on the streets. While most of the monks preferred to stay within the compound Althous would go out into the streets, trying to help and protect the kids that hadn't been as lucky as him. There are dark powers beneath Waterdeep however, that profit from the street gangs thefts and chaos, and they named Althous their enemy. Through conflict comes enlightenment, and after each battle, victory, and defeat Althous grew stronger in his Way.

    He found that the enemies he fought beneath Waterdeep had connections that seemed to stretch all across Toril, and no matter how many he defeated, more seemed to arrive each day. To combat the larger threat, he left Waterdeep and began traveling across Toril, seeking out those that harm the innocent and helping those in need, whether with a strong fist or a finely crafted horseshoe.

    CB Summary
    ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
    Althous, level 12
    Human, Monk, Ghostwalker
    Monastic Tradition Option: Centered Breath
    Human Power Selection Option: Heroic Effort
    Occupation - Artisan (+2 to Athletics)

    STR 11, CON 13, DEX 21, INT 11, WIS 19, CHA 11

    STR 10, CON 12, DEX 16, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 10

    AC: 28 Fort: 26 Ref: 28 Will: 27
    HP: 80 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 20

    Acrobatics +16, Athletics +13, Endurance +15, Perception +15, Thievery +16

    Arcana +6, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +6, Dungeoneering +10, Heal +10, History +6, Insight +10, Intimidate +6, Nature +10, Religion +6, Stealth +11, Streetwise +6

    Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
    Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
    Human Racial Power: Heroic Effort
    Monk Feature: Centered Flurry of Blows
    Monk Attack 1: Five Storms
    Monk Attack 1: Fallen Needle
    Monk Attack 1: Call up the Savage Wind
    Monk Attack 1: Cyclone Scourge
    Monk Utility 2: Careful Stride
    Monk Attack 3: Wind Through the Willows
    Monk Attack 5: Water Gives Way
    Monk Utility 6: Purifying Meditation
    Monk Attack 7: Strike the Avalanche
    Monk Attack 9: Crane Dance
    Monk Utility 10: Iron Dragon Defense
    Ghostwalker Attack 11: Tormented Spirit
    Ghostwalker Utility 12: Soul Dance

    Level 1: Ki Focus Expertise
    Level 1: Fluid Motion
    Level 2: Implement Focus (Ki focuses)
    Level 4: Deadly Draw
    Level 6: Unarmored Agility
    Level 8: Improved Defenses
    Level 10: Superior Implement Training (Mountain ki focus)
    Level 11: Uncanny Dodge
    Level 12: Defensive Advantage

    Monk unarmed strike x1
    Iron Body Mountain ki focus +2 x1
    Amulet of Protection +3 x1
    Gambit Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +3 x1
    Boots of the Fencing Master x1
    Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier) x1
    Gauntlets of Blood (heroic tier) x1
    Belt of Nourishment x1
    ====== End ======

    Knight Hospitaler
    Knight Hospitaler Starting Feature (1st level): You gain the shield of devotion power.
    Knight Hospitaler Level 5 Feature (5th level): You can request food and lodging for yourself and your traveling companions from any temple affiliated with your hospitaler order, or from any noble household. Your request for hospitality will be honored in all but the most unusual circumstances.
    Knight Hospitaler Level 10 Feature (10th level): You can use shield of devotion twice per encounter.

    Shield of Devotion
    With a quick prayer you bestow minor healing on a stricken ally, then prepare yourself to smite the enemy who struck your friend.
    Encounter Divine, Healing
    Immediate Reaction Close burst 5
    Trigger: An ally within 5 squares of you takes damage from an enemy attack.
    Target: The triggering ally
    Effect: The target regains hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier or Charisma modifier. Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +2 power bonus to your next attack roll against the enemy that damaged the target.
    Level 11: The target regains hit points equal to 5 + your Wisdom modifier or Charisma modifier.
    Level 21: The target regains hit points equal to 10 + your Wisdom modifier or Charisma modifier.


    Fallen Needle - Dragon 389
    Five Storms - PHB 3, pg 65
    Call up the Savage Wind - Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, pg 71
    Wind through the Willows - Dragon 404
    Strike the Avalanche - PHB 3, pg 69
    Tormented Spirit - PHB 3, pg 76
    Cyclone Scourge - Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, pg 71
    Water Gives Way - Dragon 404
    Crane Dance - PHB 3, pg 69
    Soul Dance - PHB 3, pg 76

    Careful Stride - PHB 3, pg 67
    Purifying Meditation - PHB 3, pg 68
    Iron Dragon Defense - PHB 3, pg 70
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Tyrus was born the son of a chieftain, but his life was never easy. As his people, the Children of Thunder, were slowly pushed from their ancestral lands by the incursion of the giantfolk, Tyrus’ father sent him on a mission far to the west.

    His journey was long and arduous; his mission, however, was simple. He was to acquire the blessing of a mighty primal spirit and use its power to defeat the giants once and for all. As the weeks passed and Tyrus pressed westward, he feared his search might be in vain. And then, amid the darkest forest he’d seen, as a thunderstorm gathered overhead, he saw a child sitting on a rocky ledge.

    “You need to go back now,” said the little boy. “They’ll always need you.” Lightning flashed, and when the spots faded from Tyrus’ eyes, the child was gone. “Could this,” he thought, “be the great storm spirit?” Then, almost as if in answer to the question, thunder boomed out across the land. “DOOM!” Tyrus turned and fled.

    He raced without stopping for days, resting only when he collapsed from exhaustion, only to pick up and race once more. And soon, he came to where his village had stood. Everything had been burned to the ground. Each hut, each thatched roof and wooden table had been reduced to cinders. Skeletons, the bleached bones of his family and friends, lay strewn about the place, twisted in the poses of their last agony. In the ashes, there stood a boy. “They still need you. I can hear them, you know.”

    And the boy was gone. Tyrus could not stop to question it, and hardly noticed at all, but it seemed as if the thunderheads accumulating over him were the very reflections of his anguish. Lightning danced across the sky, painting a jagged, visceral portrait of the guilt that charged his lungs. He buried his kin, then walked doggedly in the direction of the giants’ warrens. All Tyrus could hear, though, was the sound of thunder and a laughing boy in the distance.

    Tyrus Stormscour CS

    Tyrus Stormscour, level 12
    Neutral Good Human, Barbarian, Death’s Thane
    Feral Might: Thunderborn
    Background: Heir to the Forgotten Gods (Religion class skill)

    STR 21, CON 19, DEX 13, INT 11, WIS 11, CHA 11

    STR 18, CON 16, DEX 12, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10

    Initiative: 6L + 1DEX + 4FEAT = 11

    AC: 25 [10 + 6L + 1DEX + 3A + 3ENH]
    Fort: 29 [10 + 6L + 5STR + 2BARB + 1HUM + 2FEAT + 3ENH]
    Ref: 23 [10 + 6L + 1DEX + 1HUM + 2 FEAT + 3ENH]
    Will: 22 [10 + 6L + 0CHA + 1HUM + 2FEAT + 3ENH]

    HP: 110 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 27

    Attack Workspace: 6L + 5STR + 2PROF + 3ENH + 2FEAT (+1 against bloodied target) = +18
    Damage Workspace: 5STR + 3ENH + 2FEAT (+2 when charging, +3 vs. bloodied) = d12+10

    Athletics +16, Endurance +15 (roll twice), Intimidate +22, Religion +11

    Class Features
    Thunderborn Wrath
    Death’s Right Hand

    Howling Strike
    Recuperating Strike
    Howl of Fury

    0. War Cry / Death Shout
    1. Shout of Terror
    3. Thundering Howl
    7. Harbinger of Doom
    11. Death Cry

    0. Rage Strike
    1. Bloodhunt Rage
    5. Thunder Hawk Rage
    9. Black Dragon Rage

    2. Shrug It Off
    6. Relentless Surge
    10. Wellspring of Renewal
    12. Killing Ground

    Human: Superior Weapon Proficiency – Execution Axe
    Level 1: Two-Handed Weapon Expertise
    Level 2: Weapon Focus – Execution Axe
    Level 4: Toughness
    Level 6: Human Nature Lore
    Level 8: Skins of the Slain
    Level 10: Improved Initiative
    Level 11: Improved Defenses
    Level 12: Thirsty Blade


    Lvl. 13 Bloodthirsty Execution Axe +3
    Lvl. 12 Screaming Armor +3
    Lvl. 11 Amulet of Protection +3
    Cincture of the Dragon Spirit
    Adventurer's Kit
    Delver’s Kit
    Stone Eater x5
    Journeybread x10

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