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    Wandering Monsters High School RPG

    Wandering Monsters High School is a humorous fantasy roleplaying game from Bold Pueblo Games, wherein you take the roles of monsters going to school. Inspired by wacky teen comedies and the silliest bits of fantasy gaming, WMHS is an all-ages game that anyone who's attended school can relate to. Written by Caoimhe Ora Snow and based on a 2005 free version that debuted as part of a 24 Hour RPG design event, this is the first commercially available version of WMHS. The updated WMHS game includes more monstrous species, more academic classes, streamlined dice mechanics, a new student goals system, and helpful tips and tables for Headmasters.

    WMHS features cover and interior artwork by noted comics artist Lea Hernandez, with additional art by Louis LeClerc and cartography by Robert Altbauer. The development of the game was funded by a successful Kickstarter project in 2011.

    You can purchase Wandering Monsters High School in print for $14.99 at lulu.com, or in electronic (PDF) format for $7.49 from RPGnow.com. Quickplay early enrollment brochures and student report cards are available at the Bold Pueblo Games web site.

    Bold Pueblo Games was created in 2009 by Caoimhe Ora Snow to create fun and entertaining tabletop roleplaying games that tell engaging and often humorous collectively created stories.

    Click here for more information.
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    Definitely something I'd like to give a try. I just doubt it would carry in my groups.
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    It's a really cool concept. I'm gonna get it and see what it's about!
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