Round 10 - Tabletop RPG System: Round 10 is a tabletop Role-Playing Game Engine that was designed with two very simple goals in mind: 1.) To create a tabletop game that anybody, from rookie gamers to experienced veterans, can enjoy, and 2.) To create a tabletop game that isnít limited to one play-style or genre. Round 10ís modular setup allows for players and Game Masters to alter their games from week to week without having to learn a new system. This Kickstarter project will go towards funding the publication of the Round 10 Core Rules, plus the first official Round 10 Setting Module, titled Zimildran. Zimildran is a unique fantasy setting that replaces standard fantasy monsters with creatures from prehistoric earth. When we reach our goal, the Core Rules and Zimildran will be published as one large hard-cover, fully-illustrated book, paving the way for future modules and expansions.

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