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    Originally posted by Lizard Lips
    I think what everyone misses when looking to the Silmarillion for an explanation for the creation of Middle Earth is that it's a myth. It is the Elven myth for their creation, their bible. Just as there are many theories for the creation of our planet besides the Christian Bible, I don't think it's unreasonable to imagine other possibilites or explanations for Middle Earth.
    I think what you are missing is
    1) It is a piece of fiction written by one man who had certain ideas about how his world was.

    2) In this fictional world, the elves were there and talked to the Valar and saw the light of the trees and they would laugh at someone like you that thought there might be other more reasonable explanations.


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    Originally posted by Wolfspider
    Yeah, but, you see, there's just one thing. Middle Earth DOESN'T exist. There aren't going to be Hobbit and Gondorian scientists looking back over the fossil record and debating what time frame Great Eagles lived in and what the diet of a Fell Beast was.
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    I once played a Hobbit archaeologist (A Stout Halfling ranger/rogue to be precise). He had a whip, a pistol, a fedora, the whole works....

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    Remember that huamns, elves, and orcs are all the same race, in the same way that modern humans are the same race as Neanderthals (but not earlier hominids).

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    Just had to add a minor comment. If you look at things as an evolutionary process, then you must realize that things become more specialized as the process goes on. Starting with titans leaves you a potent genetic base. Even if they were to relegate "Weaker" members of their society to become specialized and become different races, there would be some constant evidence of what had gone before. Of course you can look at the option of having the standard apocalypse that removes most of the evidence. There are other options....

    Remove the genetic connection, or make it incredibly distant. The powerful titans were masters of magic, and transformed lesser beast into divergent races of servants. If not lesser beasts, perhaps some of the wars between factions ended with the transformation (a la polymorph) of losers into slave races. Removing them as a real physical threat, and placing them in specialized forms that ended up flourishing.

    Rather then titans, it was simply an advanced hominid that was more adaptable then any other creature out there. However, once they became too entrenched in a lifestyle, the adaptability lessened, until the genetic factors weeded themselves out of the gene pool. Sort of a Proto-Doppleganger, that evolved itself into non-existence.

    At any rate, just a couple thoughts.
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    It's an interesting idea but it breaks down real fast in the face of how LotR works and what Tolkien said.

    It also has issues with magical races like Trolls. Note how trolls turn to stone in sunlight.

    And if elves werenaturally evolved why would they be immortal. not long lived but fully immortal. Although in the movie they have the ability to give up that immortality.

    I use a more mythic tone in my own world. The races are the product of sexual activity of the gods. Those races who share a common divine parent can interbreed.

    No evolution.

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