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    Jemal's Circle of Champions

    RG for my Circle of Champions M&M game.

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    Jonathan Lindworm

    Character Sheet
    Power Level: 8 (Powerful)
    Power Points: 130 pp

    ABILITIES: 60pp
    Strength: 5 (6pp +2 growth)
    Stamina: 5 (6pp +2 growth)
    Agility: 4 (8pp)
    Dexterity: 4 (8pp)
    Fighting: 6 (12pp)
    Intellect: 7 (14pp)
    Awareness: 0 (0pp)
    Presence: 3 (6pp)

    POWERS: 26 pp
    Dragon Physical Traits (18 pp)
    - Innate
    Flight 2 (2pp)
    - Wings
    Growth 2 (4pp)
    - Permanent
    Immunity 2 (2pp)
    - Aging
    - Altitude Sickness
    Protection 5 (5pp)
    Super Senses 1 (1 pp)
    - Low-light Vision
    Strike 3 (3 pp)
    - Claws

    Damage 8 (8 pp)
    - Fire Breath
    - Area: Cone
    - Fades

    ADVANTAGES: (15 pp)
    Benefit (Wealth) 2
    Eidetic Memory
    Improved Critical (Claws)
    Improved Trip
    Instant Up
    Jack of all Trades
    Languages 5
    Well Informed

    SKILLS: 16 pp
    Athletics 10 (+15)
    Close Combat: Claws 2 (+8)
    Expertise: Computers 10 (+17)
    Intimidate 0 (+4)
    Investigation 10 (+17)
    Stealth 0 (+2)

    Initiative +4
    Claws +8 (Close, Damage 8, Crit 19-20)
    Fire Breath (Area: Cone, Dodge DC 18, Damage 8)

    DEFENSE: 11pp
    Dodge: +6 (3pp +4 agility -1 growth)
    Parry: +6 (1pp +6 fighting -1 growth
    Fortitude: +8 = (3pp +5 stamina)
    Will: +4 (4pp)
    Toughness: +10 (+5 stamina +5 protection)


    I AM the last one! (Or not)
    As a notable and somewhat famous member of a rare or possibly legendary species, Jonathan attracts quite a bit of attention. Some of it isn't positive attention . . . people who seek fame as 'The Dragonslayer', mages who are convinced his scales or blood hold arcane secrets, not to mention anyone who knows of his true origins.

    Primal Quixotic Reversal
    Dragons fight knights, it's what they do. Jonathan's issue lies more in his compulsive need to see knights everywhere he goes. Men on horseback . . . or motorcycles. People with lances . . . or anything long and even vaguely spear-like. Notable classic film actor, Sir Alec Guinness. . . etc, etc.

    Hungry Like the Wolf
    Jonathan is quite young for a dragon, and as a growing boy, he needs his nourishment. He has a prodigious appetite and likes to indulge it with regular frequency. Without food he will quickly grow surly, lose the ability to breathe fire, and eventually prioritize his hunger above all other goals.

    Abilities 60 pp + Powers 26 pp + Advantages 15 pp + Skills 16 pp + Defense 13 pp = 130 pp


    Benefit: Wealth 2 - Through time, natural acquisitiveness and careful investment, Jonathan has accumulated a decently sized hoard. He has a mixture of tangible holdings and "virtual" investments, but in whatever form it takes, the wealth is primarily in currencies, precious metals and gemstones. Of particular note is the mattress he sleeps on stuffed with low denomination paper bills in a wide variety of currencies . . . some no longer legal tender due to shifting geopolitics.

    Connected - Jonathan maintains a number of net identities in addition to his public online presence. Through social networking, online resources and specialized websites, he's often able to gain detailed information on whatever he likes simply by sending a request out into the ether.

    Improved Trip - While his tail isn't prehensile, it's still quite useful for knocking people over when he swings it at them.

    Instant Up - This doesn't represent particular acrobatic ability, just the general difficultly of keeping a serpentine quadruped off its feet.

    Languages 5 - English plus Arabic, Cantonese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mandarin, Old English, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish.

    Well Informed - Eidetic memory plus endless hours spent browsing the far corners of the world's computer networks means that if you're out there, Jonathan has probably heard of you.

    Growth 2 - 8ft long, 450 lb

    Immunity: Aging - Jonathan is currently 72 years old, but still behaves like a teenager in many respects.


    "The project started in the early years of the 21st century. It was a heady time, the human genome project had finished only a few years before, and since then there had been an explosion of advances in genetic engineering. "Designer life-forms" we called our products. We had the idea we'd be able to sculpt anything we wanted from the very building blocks of life, fulfill everyone's dreams and make the world a better place. We had gotten just a little ahead of ourselves, the technology wasn't quite there yet, and the world wasn't quite ready for us either.

    But just before everything was ready to collapse in on itself, and we were going to shut everything down and close up shop for good, word came down the vine that we'd landed a defense contract, a big one, enough to keep us all employed for years. Come to think of it, I don't even know which government had hired us, none of us asked. I don't think any of us got into the business with the idea that we would make living weapons, but we didn't question it. We were just happy to keep our jobs.

    Things started out well enough. We ran experiments, we isolated gene sequences, we held high concept meetings. But we didn't have to produce anything, yet. The client wanted an armored behemoth, a living, breathing weapons platform that could traverse any terrain, endure any climate, and decimate human troops. We couldn't cope with the scaling problems for arthropods, and mammals had too many vulnerabilities, so a reptilian design was chosen. Some joker nicknamed it Project Draco, and the name stuck . . . if only we had known. So we ran with it, designing a creature that wore it's own armor and made it's own weapons, a true monster of legend . . . and then we hit a brick wall.

    Oh, we made something all right . . giant lizards that could barely move . . . acid spitting creatures that could explode spectacularly . . . wickedly toothed predators that couldn't be controlled. . . and countless nightmares that were too warped and deformed to even draw breath. But we couldn't combine what we needed into one creature, and we couldn't produce anything remotely useful in a military engagement. War had broken out in the world at large, and every nation was struggling to produce the next big advancement. The pressure to perform was overwhelming, and time was running short. By this point the project had been running for years, with unimaginable amounts of wealth poured into failure after failure.

    Dark days were looming, and few of us had any laughter to spare when someone jokingly mailed us a vial labeled 'dragon's blood'. We just tossed it to one side and tried to get back to work and produce something, anything to show enough progress to justify our own existence. That is, until the vial got mixed in with some other samples and someone tried to sequence it along with a batch of our other experiments. It practically broke the machines. What little we could follow of the genetic code was unimaginably complex. Every terrestrial animal shares certain base DNA information, but this was something new. It barely looked like a creature of this world at all.

    Those of us in the lab that day made an agreement. We needed results. We wouldn't talk about this blood, where it came from or what it meant. We extracted the DNA and implanted it into one of the blank eggs we were preparing for our own experiments. Then we went back to work, and all secretly hoped that the egg wouldn't catch and we could all laugh at the joke that had been played on us. But, of course, that isn't what happened.

    From the moment the egg hatched, we could tell this was something different. It looked like almost everything we had hoped for. Scales, fangs, claws . . . and preliminary x-rays showed a complex digestive system that as far as we could tell would eventually allow the creature to breathe fire, distilling food and minerals into a flaming liquid/gas mixture. The wings were new . . . but hey, extra mobility. The biggest problem was the size, we were looking at something quite a bit smaller than target. Still, it was progress to report.

    Six days later, the dragon spoke to us. And not in baby-talk. He had assimilated a full fluency in English from listening to the scientists around him for six days. That was when we really began to understand we had something different on our hands. We attempted to keep him isolated at first, but he was possessed of a voracious curiosity, and few of us could resist him as he wheedled his way into the world of the laboratory. Within two weeks he had chosen a name for himself, Jonathan. Within a month he had read every document in the building, from scientific journals to the trashy romance novels the secretary kept in her desk.

    The client was coming to review our progress soon, and we weren't quite sure what to do, but we were never given a date, and eventually rumors began to circulate . . . something had gone wrong. We don't know exactly why, but the project died then, not with a bang, but with a whimper. A war ended, or a government fell . . . or perhaps they just needed the funding elsewhere. Things were quietly wrapped up, assets auctioned, utilities turned off for non-payment. Most of our failed experiments had been terminated by then, but nobody could bring themselves to treat Jonathan like another test subject. I took him home with me one night, and never returned. Nobody stopped me on the way out, and nobody ever came looking for us. The world was already a much different place than it had been a decade ago when we began the project, and it would only change more in my lifetime.

    Throughout the chaos and upheaval of the remainder of the 21st century, I watched over Jonathan. It eventually became apparent to me that he wasn't small . . . just young, very young. I have watched him grow slowly, even as I have aged into obsolescence. He has never lost his hunger for knowledge, consuming everything he comes across, learning at a prodigious rate. The world is a hectic place, and I have done my best to shelter him from it, but I fear now that I have done him no favors. He will have to cope for himself soon. The doctors say that there is nothing left to be done for me. I have never told Jonathan the truth of his origins . . . but I record these words here in case . . . just in case."

    Dr. Damien Tyler
    Final Record
    December 13th, 2095
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    Block Voda Vosa

    Xolotl, monstrous god of the dying, the lightning and bad omens.


    Tale of the fallen God

    He was the twin of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, creator of the fifth world, our world and was the dark personification of Venus, the evening star.
    Before Quetzalcoatl's creation, there were other four, subsecuently destroyed by other gods. He assisted Quetzalcoatl in his battle against the god of the dead, to rescue the bones of the ancient gods and goddesses. Quetzalcoatl wanted to use the bones in a ritual to complete his creation, as humans were flawed, and needed to be improved. But Xolotl wanted to use the bone of the ancient gods to bolster himself, overrule Quetzalcoatl and create the sixth world, by eradicating the human race. But the Serpent God would not take ilghtly the arrogance of his brother. War ensured in the land, the armies of the sibling gods clashing under the sun.

    Being more powerful, Quetzalcoatl gained the upper hand in the skirmishes, forcing Xolotl to give away terrain. However, by that time, the Spaniards reached the coasts of America, and began to wage war against the people of Quetzalcoatl. Attacked by two fronts, Quetzalcoatl was weakened and forced to take a choice. He decided to terminate the more threatening enemy, and sacrificed himself to seal Xolotl forever inside the Great Temple, and strip him of his godly powers, by taking his feathered crown and his skull sceptre, and separating them into hidden locations.

    The effort was so intense, it left Quetzalcoatl in dying agony. His efforts have saved the world, but also, sealed with Xolotl was the fate of his people. Unchecked, the Spanish conquistadores brought the mighty Aztec empire to its knees.

    Centuries have pass since the clash of the gods, and the mightiest warlock of the new Earth has force ceasefire with a spell, the magical energies of which rippled through the entire planet like a stone in a pond. The magical resonance was enough to break the seal and release Xolotl from his prison in solitude.

    The world had changed around the former god, and that stroke the flame of world destruction that had died after millennia. But he was deprived of his godly powers, and needed them back if he was to bring the world to its knees.
    In this new world, there were all kind of creatures, powerful enough to destroy him in his actual form. It won't be easy.
    He needed power to locate his missing artefacts and regain his glory, and there was just one way to obtain it in this modern world...

    Xolotl PL 8: Powerful

    Name: Xolotl Height 1.8 mts
    Skin: Dry Pale Weight 70 kg
    Hair: Black, tied in a braid Shape Humanoid
    Eyes: Empty sockets Age: Unknown

    Enemy : The god of Death is not quite pleased to see the thief of the ancient god's bones walking free again
    Weakness : Radiant (descriptor) attacks are devastatingly effective against Xolotl
    Obsession : Regain his powers
    Secret : Xolotl must keep his goals a secret, no one would like what he has in store for the world.

    Abilities ( 26 pp)
    Strength 0 , Stamina 2 , Agility 2 , Dexterity 2 , Fighting 0 , Intellect 5 , Awareness 2 , Precence 0 .

    Powers ( 53 pp)
    - Armor of Bones ( Device : Removable: -1/5: Protection 8 ) 7 point/s

    - Eternal ( Feature (Immortality 1) : Limited: Disintegrated, or teared in more than 10 pieces ) 1 point/s

    - God's biology ( Immunity 14 : Aging, Life support, Critical hits, Sleep ) 14 point/s

    - God's portfolio ( Magic 12) 28 point/s
    - Pain of the dying ( Affliction 8 : 1: Dazed; 2: Stunned; 3: Paralyzed. Resisted: Will. Extras: Burst area, Selective, Increased Range. Limited: Only living targets ) 0 point/s
    - Call Lightning ( Blast 8 : Electricity. Multiattack 8 ) 0 point/s
    - Grasp of the Dying ( Damage 8 (Necrotic): Selective; Cloud Area, Secondary effect; Limited: Only living targets ) 0 point/s
    - Drain soul ( Weaken 11 : Affects will, resisted by will. Increased Range, accurate ) 0 point/s
    - Thief of the Gods ( Alternate form (shadow) : Concealment 3 (All olfactory, Tremorsense); Immunity 10 (Entrapment, Environmental (Heat, Cold, Radiation, Pressure, Vacuum)); Movement 4 (Slithering, Wall crawling 2, Trackless) ) 0 point/s

    - Master Spell weaver ( Quickness 9: Limited to Rituals ) 3 point/s

    Advantages ( 13 pp)
    All out attack 1 , Edietic memory 1 , Fearless 1 , Ritualist 1 , Improved aim 1 , Evasion 1 , Move-by action 1 , Improved Init. 1 , Power attack 1 , Ranged attack 2 , Luck 2.

    Skills ( 16 pp)
    Expertise( Magic ) 12 (+ 17 ), Insight 4 (+ 6 ), Ranged Combat (Lightning) 4 (+ 6 ), Perception 4 (+ 6 ), Stealth 8 (+ 10 ),

    Initiative: 6
    Pain of the dying + Burst area Attack for DC: 18 Range: Ranged area
    Call Lightning + 8 Attack for DC: 23 Range: Ranged
    Grasp of the Dying + Cloud area Attack for DC: 23 Range: Close area
    Drain soul + 5 Attack for DC: 21 Range: Ranged

    Defence ( 22 pp)
    Dodge: 6 Parry: : 6
    Toughness: 10
    Fortitude: 8
    Will: 8

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    Trade-offs: -3 Att, +3 Damage ; -3 Defense, +3 Toughness
    Trait: Powerful (+10 pp)

    STRENGTH 7/11
    STAMINA 5/9

    42 PP


    Crystal Growth (27):
    Damage 0 (strength-based, multiattack 11, penetrating 11, variable 1) (23)
    AP: Create Object 8 (Crystal; continuous, close, impervious, precise, accurate 2) (1)
    AP: Damage 0 (strength-based, ranged on 10, accurate 3, variable 1) (1)
    AP: Damage 0 (strength-based, cone 1 (on 8 ranks), selective on 8 ranks, variable 1) (1)
    AP: Encase: Affliction 11 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobilized), Cumulative, Extra Condition, Limited Degree (1)

    Crystal Body (36) Innate):
    Growth 4 (Permanent) (8)
    Enhanced Traits (Dodge 2, Parry 2) (4)
    Protection 2 (Extras: Impervious 11; Drawback: Noticeable) (12)
    Immunity (life support, aging, emotion effects, need for sleep) (17)
    Senses 2 (darkvision) (2)

    71 point total

    All-Out Attack, Improved Initiative 1, Power Attack

    3 point total

    Athletics 4 (+15), Expertise (Sculpting) 2 (+2), Perception 6 (+8)

    6 point total

    Unarmed +5 Close , Damage 11
    Ranged Shards +6, Damage 10
    Close Cone Damage 8, Dodge DC 18
    Encase +5, Damage -, Dodge (DC 21)

    DODGE 5 (3)
    PARRY 5 (0)
    FORTITUDE 9 (0)
    TOUGHNESS 11 (11 Impervious)
    WILL 7 (5)

    8 PP


    Vulnerability: Add 2 to the rank of sonic damage effects used against him/it.
    Prejudice: He looks like a "thing", not a living/thinking creature.
    Motivation: Curiosity/Acceptance

    Height: 11 feet
    Weight: 1,500 pounds
    Hair: none

    A massive crystal golem that only recently awakened to sentience, still doing what he was build for (combat), but looking for other possibilities in his future).
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    Block BBs

    Cyclops Titan v6


    Yes I am some what a transformers fan, and Shockwave is my most favourite. Putting use to Michal Bay's Shockwave, OH SNAP! With some differences: His laser arm is his left arm, while his normal arm is on his right, with four fingers instead ... hate three fringers, pet peeve, lawl.


    Background: The Cyclops Titans were built by the Canadian empire's most powerful machinery company, Titan Corps. It was for a way to keep up with the world of technology, and military power. This unit was the sixth and final Cyclops Titan in line with the empire before world war three. Unlike the previous models, this unit was smaller and the only version built, but had a unique programming. The previous versions were only installed with a virtual intelligence programming, but this unit was installed with an artificial intelligence. Scientists thought it would increase the thought process of the unit for adaptability. Unfortunately creating the AI took a few years, and was barely finished before the great final war. All the Canadian cyclops units took flight for the war, and of all of them to survive, it was only this unit that did.

    With Canada lost and being broken and shattered, the Cyclopse Titan v6 participates in the Champions Circle with the purpose to bring back this unit's empire to it's former glory.

    Trait: Powerful
    Height: 1.8 m
    Weight: 136 kg

    Abilities: (18 pp (+10 from STA))
    -STR 7
    -STA -
    -DEX 0
    -AGI 0
    -FGT 7
    -INT 0
    -AWE 0
    -PRE 0

    -Initiative: 0
    -Melee Attack: +7 attack, +7 damage
    -Ranged Attack: +8 attack, +8 damage (Arm Laser Cannon)

    Defenses: (15 pp)
    -Dodge: 7 (rank 7)
    -Parry: 7
    -Toughness: 8 (Titan Armour (Protection rank 8 + Impervious 8))
    -Fort: (Robot Traits (Immunity: Fortitude))
    -Will: 8 (rank 8)

    Skills: (23 pp)
    -Insight +12 (rank 5)
    -Investigation +6 (rank 3)
    -Perception +12 (rank 5)
    -Technology +12 (rank 6)
    -Vehicles +4 (rank 2)

    Advantages: (3 pp)
    -Instant Up

    Powers (75 pp)
    -Arm Laser Cannon (Blast + Penetrating rank 8 = 24 pp)
    -Robot Traits (Immunity: Fortitude = 30 pp)
    -Titan Armour (Protection rank 8 + Impervious 8 = 16 pp)
    -Nanites (Regeneration Rank 5 = 5 pp)

    -Power: This unit desires political power to bring Canada back to it's former glory.
    -Obsession: This unit is obsessed with adaptability.
    -Secret: This unit has a few secrets that wishes not to share.

    COST: 18 Abilities + 15 Defenses + 23 Skills + 3 Advantages + 71 Powers = 130
    PP Earned: 5
    PP Spent: 4 into Regeneration, 1 on Instant Up

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    Block HolyMan


    Picture based of a Filipino comics superheroine created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo - Darna

    Savoir PL 8(Potential)

    STRENGTH 0 (0pts)
    AGILITY 1 (2pts)
    FIGHTING 0 (0pt)
    AWARENESS 5 (10pts)
    STAMINA 0 (0pts)
    DEXTERITY 1 (2pts)
    INTELLECT 1 (2pts)
    PRESENCE 2 (4pts)

    Telekinesis: Move Object 8, Accurate 2 18 points.
    Telekinetic Field: Protection 9, Impervious, Sustained 18 points.
    Telekinetic Levitation: Flight 3 (16 MPH) 6 points.

    Contacts, Ultimate Effort (Will Defense)

    EQUIPMENT - none

    Acrobatics 0 (NA)
    Athletics 0 (+0)
    Close Combat 0 (+0)
    Deception 0 (+2)
    Expertise:Current Event 3 (+5)
    Insight 5 (+10)
    Intimidation 0 (+2)
    Investigation 0 (NA)
    Perception 2 (+7)
    Persuasion 6 (+8)
    Ranged Combat 0 (+1)
    Sleight of Hand 0 (NA)
    Stealth 0 (+1)
    Technology 0 (NA)
    Treatment 0 (NA)
    Vehicles 0 (NA)

    Telekinesis +9(+13) Ranged, STR 8 Grab
    Unarmed +2 Close, DMG 0

    DODGE 2 (+1 pt)
    FORTITUDE 1 (+1 pt)
    PARRY 1 (+1 pt)
    WILL 5

    Motivation: Cause
    Rivalry: The Red Star Reavers (Russian group)
    Phobia: Fighting alone. During one confict with her previous group Savior ended up the only member left standing. She was then beaten badly and humiliated. Now when cornered or fighting alone she has panic attacks.

    Power Point Summary: Abilities 20 PP + Defense 3 PP + Skills 8 PP + Advantages 2 PP + Powers 42 PP = 75 PP
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    Block KerlanRayne


    Samuel S. Corgan
    Samuel S. Corgan : Goes by Sam
    Trait: Powerful
    Gender: Male, Race: Human
    Size: 6'2" tall, 240 lbs, 36 yrs old
    Brown hair; Blue eyes; Tanned skin

    Statistics: (-6 pts)
    Str 00 = -5 [-10] +05 [10]
    Sta 04 = 04 [ 08] +00 [00]
    Dex 00 = -5 [-10] +05 [10]
    Agi 00 = -5 [-10] +05 [10]
    Fgt 08 = 04 [ 08] +04 [08]
    Int 00 = 00 [ 00] +00 [00]
    Awa 08 = 04 [ 08] +04 [08]
    Pre 00 = 00 [ 00] +00 [00]

    Powers: (118 pts)

    Battle Suit: Removable (- ? pts)

    Armor: (12 pts)
    Protection 4, Impervious 8

    Anti-Gravity Propulsion: (5 pts)
    Flight 2 (120ft)
    Aquatic (30 ft)

    Comm System: (8 pts)
    Radio Communication 2

    Computer Translator: (8 pts)
    Understand and Read All Languages 2
    Communicate with Machines 2

    Life Support: (10 pts)
    Immunity to Disease, poison, all environmental conditions, suffocation, starvation, and thirst.

    Sensors: (12 pts)
    Accurate Radio Extended 3 [radar]
    Darkvision, Infravision, Ultra-Hearing
    Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Time Sense

    Camouflage: (2 pts)
    Concealment 4 - All Vision
    Activation - Standard (-2 pts)

    Tactical Computer: (24 pp)
    Enhanced Dodge 8
    Enhanced Ranged Attack 8
    +4 Awa (8 pts)

    Motors: (38 pts)
    +5 Str (10 pts)
    +5 Dex (10 pts)
    +5 Agi (10 pts)
    +4 Fgt (8 pts)

    Arm Cannon: (28 pts)
    Energy Cannon - Ranged Penetrating Damage 8 (24 pts)
    AE: Rapid Fire - Ranged Multiattack Damage 8 (1 pt)
    AE: Flash Bomb - Dazzle 8, 30 ft sphere (1 pt)
    AE: Force Bomb - Ranged Area Damage 8, 30 ft sphere (1 pt)
    AE: Force Blade - Penetrating Damage 8, Reach 1, Imp Crit 4 (1 pt)

    ADVANTAGES: (6 pts)
    Improved Initiative 2
    Luck 2

    SKILLS: 10 pts
    Acrobatics +6 (3 pt)
    Athletics +6 (3 pt)
    Close Combat +8 (+8 Fgt)
    Expertise [Soldier] +2 (1 pt)
    Insight +8 (+8 Awa)
    Perception +10 (+8 Awa, 1 pt)
    Technology +2 (1 pt)
    Vehicles +2 (1 pt)

    Initiative +10 (+2 Agility, +8 Improved Initiative)
    Arm Cannon +8 (Ranged, Damage 8)
    Force Blade +8 (Close, Damage 8)

    DEFENSE: 0 pp
    Dodge: +8 = (+8 Suit)
    Parry: +8 = (+8 Fighting)
    Fortitude: +4 = (+4 Stamina)
    Will: +8 = (+8 Awareness)
    Toughness: +8 = (+4 Stamina, +4 Protection)



    Abilities -6 pp + Powers 118 pp + Advantages 6 pp + Skills 10 pp + Defense 00 pp = 130 pp



    Sam Corgan was in special ops for the military. Government military, private military, it all kind of blends together in these times. The most important thing was that he still worked with his brother. Timothy is a scientist for the military and develops a lot of the technology that they use. Weapons, defenses, tools, you name it. Sam was testing a new top secret weapon developed by his brother when there was a horrible accident. He was paralyzed from the neck down, unable to move or take care of himself. Timothy blamed himself for the tragedy so he took another piece of military technology that he had developed and adapted it for his brother. It was a suit that links to the nervous system. Using this suit, Sam could now move around again on his own. The military saw the merit in the development. They had invested a lot in Johnny and he seemed the perfect candidate for the suit.
    It was later discovered that the so called accident had actually been caused by sabotage. A rival weapons developer, Hereticorp, had sent in an agent to destroy their work and caused the malfunction that had ruined Sam's life. Sam and Timothy have taken it upon themselves to fight against Hereticorp at every chance they get. As a result, they have become bitter enemies. Sam has fought in the arena sometimes just because he would be up against Hereticorp.

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