The Bestiary of the Curiously Odd Kickstarter Project

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    The Bestiary of the Curiously Odd Kickstarter Project

    The Bestiary of the Curiously Odd: Greetings and Welcome to the Bestiary of the Curiously Odd. This is a Universal Bestiary so we plan on releasing it for multiple game systems. One of the benefits to backing this is you get to submit your very own creations and get published right alongside the likes of Ed Greenwood and Monte Cook! So go get in on the action today!

    First and foremost this book is going to be made by the fans who love role-playing games. You will be able to submit your ideas for creatures and monsters and I will in turn render them into full color things of beauty and put them in a nifty book. You can even write the flavor text that describes the creature and are credited in the book as its creator.

    This sounds like almost every other bestiary out there with the exception of their "YOUR" creations. But here is where things take a turn for the different.

    For the most part we have all started more campaigns than we have finished. We probably have played more 1st level characters than we have played 20th level characters. As a (GM/DM/ruler of all) starting a brand new game is one of the most rewarding experiences there is.

    So why do I have to flip through pages of dragons and demi-gods to find the goblins for my first game session? This bestiary will only contain creatures that are level 1-3. If all goes well we will do a 4-6 and so on, but that is for a later day.

    There will be no (crunch/stat blocks/ things to hide from players) You will be able to hand them the book and let them look to their hearts content. This is where this idea gets awesome.

    A second book, paperback and smaller, will have all the crunch the GM needs with an index corresponding to the page inside the bestiary and likewise for the stat book.

    These "Stat Books" will be cheap and replaceable for several reasons: We are going to produce them for multiple games. If you play pathfinder and then D&D releases a new edition, no problem...order the stat book to the game and edition that you want. Think it would be fun to run an old school first edition D&D game?....Just order that stat book!

    Economical: These books will be available to players of all manner of means. There will be "comic book" style books that you can stick in your back pocket, spill Mountain Dew on, use as coasters, and write in. There will be limited edition, signed, original art drawn on the inside cover, hardback versions as wel

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters.
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