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    Having read through the bits and bobs, I have to say that I'm not really interested. There are plenty of other systems that already have my attention.


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    Well, if anyone is interested in checking the game out, you can check this out ...

    THE LAND OF NOD: Blood and Treasure Players Tome Now Available!

    Players Tome is up for sale. Treasure Keeper's Tome coming soon, as is a free intro adventure.

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    Just downloaded and finished my first read through. It's good and fills the niche that Castles & Crusades fits being a modern take on old school Dnd. Some interesting ideas on using saving throws as a skill system and some good variant classes . It's's a good 3.5 "light" system if you are after that sort of thing but it's going to have a hard time establishing it's self in the rather crowd retro clone market place.
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    What level progression does it top out at and does it suffer from 'magic users being the best class' at higher levels syndrome?

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    Thread necro.

    I like the game but I really only play PF and RUN 1e AD&D. I have never had that problem with magic users so I dont see that being a problem in B&T either.

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