The Six Horned Crowns

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    The Six Horned Crowns

    A room of an inn in Waterdeep has recently become haunted, afflicted with magical strangeness, or targeted by a macabre prank. On six nights during which the room was not rented, ancient crowns appeared on its lone table. Each crown is a rough circlet of gold set with large, valuable gems, having two high points resembling horns. Each also contains a headÔ??or rather, the skull of a long-dead orc.

    Read The Six Horned Crowns on D&D Insider here!

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    Glorious, thank you!
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    Enjoyed the article a great deal. I hope WotC expands the size of these articles to ten or more pages. Would like to see more information and even a short story featuring one of the NPCs in the article: Awntrus ôBlack Gloveö Malaver.

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