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    Improved Initiative (proposal...ish)

    (proposalish in that I recommend further simplifying PMiller's system)

    For the most part, I like PMiller's way of doing initiative as one that promotes thinking as a member of a team, rather than as a lone show-off.

    I feel that it gives folks with high Init the opportunity to "double-dip" by getting both an individual bonus and group bonus from their high modifier, and it seems like an unnecessary amount of rolling which strongly promotes average results.

    My version:

    1. Each side, in advance, averages their individual initiative modifiers into a group score.
    2. Each side rolls 1 die to determine their initiative. If one side has surprise on the other, that side rolls with Advantage. (roll 2d20, take the highest)
    3. (the DM can average mods during prep, players can get their average during check-in, and then it's all done thenceforth!)

    I'm discussing it along with other streamlined initiative systems here, but I'm a bit more interested in the PbP angle than in Reddit's F2F leanings.
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