Special Addition to the 2012 Gen Con Auction
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    Special Addition to the 2012 Gen Con Auction

    For those who will be attending Gen Con, Wizards of the Coast will be donating 100 lots of vintage TSR era items for a special section of the Gen Con charity auction. The proceeds from these lots will benefit the Gygax Memorial Fund. These lots are made up of items pulled from a trove of TSR archive material recently unearthed. Most of the items included are in original factory sealed condition. Many thanks to Live Game Auctions for their assistance with this project.

    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack X1, X2, X3, X4
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack D3, S1, S3, S4
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack T1, C1, I1, G1-3
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack S2, WG4
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack D1-2, EX2
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack I4, UK1
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack N1, U2
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack L1, L2
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack B1, B3, M1, B5
    10th Anv. Bonus Pack Gamma World box, GW1, GW2, GWAC2, Screen
    D&D Rules Cyclopedia
    D&D Invisible Ink Module M1 & M2
    D&D Basic Set, Holmes edition
    AD&D H1 Bloodstone Pass
    C.A. Reed D&D Party Supplies
    AD&D Grenadier small gold box full set
    D&D B1-9 In Search of Adventure
    D&D Adventure Modules B11 & B12
    AD&D Adventure Module RS1
    RPGA News/Polyhedron Magazine Issue 1-10
    Dungeon! Board Game
    D&D Expert Set - Erol Otus Cover
    Snit's Revenge + minis
    Large lot of Japanese Language 1st Ed. D&D
    AD&D Coloring Album
    AD&D Adventure Modules UK1-7
    AD&D Adventure Module I3-5
    AD&D Adventure Modules N1-5
    The Great Khan Game
    The World of Greyhawk folio
    D&D Shrinky Dinks
    AD&D LJN Action Figures
    AD&D 1st Ed. MM, PHB, DMG
    10th Anniversary Bonus Pack Screen, Per Char Rec, DM Log, I3
    AD&D Encyclopedia Magica Full Set
    AD&D U1, U2, U3
    D&D Gazetteer Lot
    AD&D Adventure Modules G1, G2, G3
    AD&D Adventure Modules D1, D2, D1-2, D3,Q1
    D&D Adventure Modules B1 & B2
    AD&D Grewhawk From the Ashes Boxed Set
    Top Secret - Complete 1st Ed. Set
    AD&D Oriental Adventures Lot
    AD&D Bendy Toys Full Set
    Star Frontiers Lot
    AD&D Halloween Costumes
    AD&D Woodburning Set
    AD&D Cool, Cool Candles Candle Making Kit
    AD&D Role Playing Dioramasrt
    Dragon Strike Game
    AD&D The Complete Starter Set (Yellow Box)
    AD&D LJN Action figure Good & Evil Sets
    AD&D Marvel Coloring Books
    TSR/SPI Sniper! + Expansions
    SPI DragonQuest Lot
    TSR Divine Right
    TSR Fight in the Skies
    TSR Knights of Camelot Fantasy Board Game
    Fanzine Lot
    Dungeon Magazine Lot
    D&D Large Box Adventure Pack Set
    Fantasy Forest w/ D&D Cartoon Figures
    AD&D Dungeon Invaders Action Scene Kit
    Large Gamma World Lot
    Dangerous Journeys Mythus Presentation Set
    TSR/SPI Wargame Lot
    Al-Qadim Art Prints
    SPI Wargame Tray Lot
    TSR Legend of Heroes Board Game
    TSR/SPI WWII European/Pacific Theater of Operations
    AD&D Heroes of the Lance Nintendo Game
    D&D Adventure Modules M Series
    AD&D Adventure Modules I Series Lot
    TSR Hex Pad, Hex Book & Hexagonal Mapping Booklet
    AD&D DragonLance DL Series Adventure Lot
    Dragon Magazine Lot
    D&D Complete Creature Crucible Series
    TSR Gammarauders + Expansion
    Large Gamma World Mini Lot
    D&D/AD&D Kids Assortment
    TSR Licensed Board Game Lot
    TSR Mini Game Full Set
    SPI Dawn of the Dead
    TSR 4th Dimension
    SPI Swords & Sorery
    D&D 1st Ed. German Language Lot
    D&D 1st Ed. French Language Lot
    Huge Lot of Metal Miniatures Box Sets
    Huge Lot of Metal Miniatures Blister Packs
    AD&D Player Packs Full Set
    AD&D Minis Grenadier Large Gold Box Lot
    AD&D Red Dragon of Krynn Vinyl Model Kits
    AD&D World of Greyhawk Lot
    D&D Adventure Module Expert Series Lot
    D&D Paint By Number
    D&D Paint-A-Figurine Strongheart & Warduke
    The Worlds of TSR - Conspectus Booklet
    Twenty Years of TSR
    You can see the full list here.
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    Special Addition to the 2012 Gen Con Auction

    Hello folks:

    For those who will be attending Gen Con I am excited to be able to announce that Wizards of the Coast will be donating 100 lots of vintage TSR era items for a special section of the Gen Con charity auction. The proceeds from these lots will benefit the Gygax Memorial Fund.

    The Charity Auction section of the below link has a list of the lots which will be included.
    http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Feature.aspx ... gencon2012

    I put the lots together myself. Unfortunately not much from the ultra rare category but a nice variety of fun curio items and vintage RPGs in beautiful condition. If you are a factory shrink wrap aficionado this is the auction for you.

    Logistics/Inventory Mgr.
    Wizards of the Coast

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    Holy crap! That's a lot of older game materials. That's awesome of you guys!

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    This ought to makes the folks at Dragonsfoot mighty happy.

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    Man, they are gonna make a killing on this auction.

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    I would love the SPI DragonQuest lot!

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    Hands off, it's mine!

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    Good stuff for a good cause!

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    Wow- and I'll likely be stuck at my booth when they stuff I want is up.

    EDIT: Or is the charity auction in the evening one night? I haven't attended the auction in years.
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