TPK Games presents the Malefactor, a new base class for the Pathfinder RPG!

Our newest class, the Malefactor, has reached the #1 spot in the hottest Pathfinder downloads along with the #3 spot in the hottest small press on DriveThruRPG. The DTRPG featured reviewer gave it 5/5 stars and said:
The malefactor base class is incredibly well-constructed both in terms of its theme and its mechanical execution. While there are a few places, mostly in the expanded material, where one or the other falls a little flat, as a whole this book offers an incredibly innovative new class for your Pathfinder game. Itís deserving of each and every one of its five stars. The malefactor may be a class that deals with bad luck, but youíll feel anything but unlucky if you pick this up.
You can read more about it here.