Hihi all,

Before I get to the good business of upgrading my inventory after surviving in good health my first adventure, I do have to run a couple quick questions past people.

First is one that shouldn't be too bad, but just to clarify if I have a light shield and an empty hand, and a weapon in the other can I just switch the weapon to my shield hand, cast and move back? I saw an entry in the pathfinder faq on that, but just wanted to be clear.

The other, and less clear is my beloved whip. I was thinking it was more or less like the whip dagger was in 3/3.5 just a whip that did lethal damage but I saw a couple posts on the Paizo forums saying that the official stance on the Scorpion whip is that it doesn't share any characteristics with the whip other than proficiency. (I guess it was printed in one book as being a lethal version of the whip, and then in Ultimate Combat as being just a weapon with the performance ability)

Can anyone help?