Kaidan campaign setting (PFRPG) Kickstarter Project

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    Kaidan campaign setting (PFRPG) Kickstarter Project

    Kaidan campaign setting (PFRPG): Last year, Rite Publishing, with the support of Cubicle 7 Entertainment, released “The Curse of the Golden Spear” trilogy of modules for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These critically acclaimed adventure modules introduced players and Game Masters alike to the island realm of Kaidan. Now [they] are ready to take the next step: the production of a campaign guidebook, detailing more fully the people and places of Kaidan.

    An oriental fantasy-horror setting, Kaidan derives its mythos exclusively from the legends and histories of Japan. The very word, Kaidan, is Japanese for ghost story, or spooky tale, and such a name is apropos. Ruled over by an undying shogun in the name of an immortal child emperor, Kaidan is a land of trapped souls, restless dead, vengeful demons and afflicted spirits. In Kaidan, death is never the end, but only one more unhappy spoke in a bleak and twisted karmic cycle. Here, adventurers are sorely needed, if only to hold back the darkness a little longer.

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