Cover Art for D&D v3.5 Reprint
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    Cover Art for D&D v3.5 Reprint

    We can reveal the cover designs for the 3.5-edition D&D core rulebook reprints (thanks to waransun for the scoop). They're strongly evocative of the original cover designs. These reprints are slated for September 18th and also incorporate all the latest errata for those books.
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    Cover Art for D&D v3.5 Reprint

    Some new cover art has been revealed for the D&D v3.5 reprints via While I can't be positive this is the final artwork it looks it.

    [ame=""]Premium Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Player's Handbook with Errata[/ame]

    [ame=""]Premium Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon 3.5 Master's Guide with Errata[/ame]

    [ame=""]Premium Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Monster Manual with Errata[/ame]

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    Unlike the 1E covers they were ugly and awful the first time, I was hoping for a change

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    I was hoping they would have ditched the Schlong Sword part of the logo.

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    I like 'em. Evocative of the originals, while less garish than the 3.5 versions.

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    As much as I like 3.5 and have plenty of supplements for it, these would have to contain some strikingly significant errata between their covers for me to want to pay for any of them.
    The cover art is not, in my opinion, an improvement. As busy as the Higgenbotham covers were originally, at least they had a coherent vision.
    These look like quick photoshop jobs that sample bits and bobs from the originals and awkwardly template in a decorative border around the centrepieces. They just look cheap and off-kilter to me.

    I'd much sooner buy a Pathfinder Core book than a PHB or DMG reprint - it would have more content, and cost less than either.
    Maybe my perspective would be different if my 3.5 books weren't still in quite decent condition, but... I don't think so.

    I'll be impressed and pleasantly surprised if the previews for these reprints change my mind though.

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    I actually feel these are big improvements to the covers. The only cover I liked was the 3.0 MM. I thought the covers were awful otherwise, unless you like the look of marbles and tin foil.

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    The covers are alright, I suppose. But it seems odd that the 3.5 rules are the next to get the "premium" cover treatment. Seems like an AD&D2/e premium, then a 3.5 would have made more sense.

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    Loved the 1e reprint covers. These look awful, and its all about the border/ edging design on all three. Get rid of that and they would actually look pretty good. I rather like the decoratiive work on the "leather" part. I think the center circle designs do a fine job job of evoking the originals without the crappy edging.
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