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    "Well now, if they are both true then sunken treasure is a more powerful pull than a suit of armor to let you do something I can do in my birthday suit, though you bring up a good point about the Rahadoumi having no honor and lying to their own. But to be honest, I hadn't heard either of those tales before, and I've been listening to tales in barrooms for a long time."

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    The Third Tale

    Moonday, 23 Desnus, 4712 AR (20:12:06)
    Lower Hold, The Wormwood, Unknown Waters, Off the Coast of Garund, Inner Sea Region, Golarion

    The next teller of tales to step up is a grinning, bedraggled gnome woman, who leers creepily out of one good eye. The audience gives her a berth, and recognizes her as she sets up to provide another story. You’ve found Giffer Tibbs to be eccentric, capricious, and if not quite fey-like, certainly imitative of them. Her story should prove to be entertaining, at the very least.

    “Just a second,” she says, motioning to someone in the crowd. “Give me another drink of that to wet my lips.” The person hands her a ration of rum, which she downs like water. “There, that is better.”

    As she begins her tale, you can tell she is obviously excited, as she speaks much quicker and with more energy than most. “We’ve had some tales tonight, but I’m in the mood for a different sort. Tales of hidden treasure and sea nymphs are best saved for sunny days and soft breezes methinks.” She chuckles to herself. “At least Jhiv had the good graces to provide a yarn befitting the current weather.”

    “My tale is an eerie one, about a peculiar woman named Poxy “Peg” Pearls. Peg was an arts-and-crafts woman; you know the sort, painting and carving and needlework and such. A number of oddities surrounded this woman, not the least of which was the fact that she had a large, well-maintained shop kept stocked with dolls and quilts and trinkets… a shop that saw very few customers, despite being located in a pristine spot in the city of Ollo, out on Shark Island.

    “You see, Poxy Pearls was not one to make nice with other folk, and other folk certainly weren’t warm to her. Her eccentricities and her oddities, from the way she moved to her persistent pox, generally turned people off. It was said that she had a look that could melt butter, and I mean that in the most literal sense. Though she often displayed a vicious sense of humor, the only thing that kept her truly happy was the delicate and creative works she made with her hands.

    “She made many fine things, items to put some of the greatest craftsmen to shame. After spending weeks or months perfecting a carved lantern or beautiful footstool, she would put it on the shelf for display. On display only, because it was inevitably never sold. Oh sure, some people, perhaps some sailor from out of town or some aristocrat out for a stroll, would browse her shop, and even offer to make a purchase or two. But Peg would always find an excuse not to sell it to them. Maybe it was because they weren’t delicate enough in the handling of it, or she set it at a price only the wealthiest and most generous of patrons could afford. Perhaps she just didn’t like the look of them and threw them out of the shop. More than once, potential customers fled the store, calling her a witch, a bitch, or worse. Once she even brought a girl to tears, shrieking that her dolls were not toys. So, in addition to not endearing herself to the Ollo populace, Poxy “Peg” Pearls never sold any of her fine things at her fine shop. It wasn’t entirely clear how the woman continued her living, and certainly puzzled all the other merchants along the popular boulevard.

    “Now word of this odd craftswoman’s shop made it to the ears of a very wealthy merchant prince out of Ollo. The story piqued the interest of the man, Prince Harand, who had always been given to collecting numerous curiosities. Certainly, he was keen to see the supposedly fine crafts of Poxy Pearls, but he was also eager to experience the rumored eccentricities of the woman herself. So he made a plan to visit Peg’s Fine Arts and Crafts. He gathered up a very large purse of gold, enough that even this recalcitrant woman couldn’t possibly refuse. Despite having a personal guard, he decided to head into the merchant district alone, so not to startle the woman when he visited her store. He would just be another unassuming potential customer, except that he was determined to make some sort of purchase.

    “Harand had heard that Peg’s greatest talent was for crafting ships-in-a-bottle, a hobby the prince himself fancied. On top of this though, one of Peg’s specialties was crafting intricate and very detailed shipwrecks-in-a-bottle. This is what Harand had settled on purchasing. A new flagship was being constructed for his merchant fleet to replace the Purple Prince, his pride and joy, recognizable for its large horizontal purple stripe running down the hold, but mysteriously lost at sea not long before while carrying a haul of newly minted silver and gold coins. ‘What better way to decorate the Captain’s cabin of the Purple Prince II,’ he thought, ‘Than a shipwreck-in-a-bottle.’ Already a unique concept, this piece of work would be even more special, having been made by the stubborn Poxy Pearls herself.

    “He entered her shop with confidence late one afternoon, just as Pegs was getting ready to shut down for the day, her hands and back aching from a long day of working on her newest piece.

    “ ’Are you the proprietor,' the haughty prince said.

    “ ’Do ye see anyone else?' the annoyed woman replied.” You note that Giffer Tibbs does wonderful voice acting here, accurately mimicking the sounds of both an arrogant prince and an obstinate old woman.

    “The prince pressed on regardless,” continues the gnome. “ ‘I am here to make a purchase.’ ”

    “ ’Are you now?’ ” the woman chuckled.

    “ ’Well certainly. I would like to look at your ships-in-a-bottle. Particularly, the finest of your shipwrecks-in-a-bottle.'
    The prince glanced about, not seeing any signs of such.

    “The woman glared at him, before relenting. ‘Very well, they’re on the shelves in that storeroom, there,’ she said, pointing towards a side room containing shelf upon shelf of beautiful and highly detailed miniature ships in corked, glass bottles. As the prince made his way quickly into the room, Peg resumed closing up her shop, putting up her sign, drawing the curtains, and locking the front door.

    “Harand walked amongst the rows of ships, awed. Not only were these specimens vastly superior to anything he himself had ever attempted, they were the finest products of the craft he had ever witnessed. From the ropes to the grain in the wood to the hinges on the hatches and doors, everything looked so realistic, as if an actual sailing ship had been shrunk down to miniature size. He heard the woman coming up behind him, and asked, ‘Why do you keep such beautiful art hidden in this pitiful closet?’

    “’Tis’ none of your business, man. What is it specifically you’d like to look at?’

    “The prince was highly offended, but the draw of the ships made him ignore the words of this rude woman in favor of her talents. ‘I’d like to see the finest examples of shipwrecks you’ve created. It is a very unique concept, even from regular ships-in-a-bottle, and I’d like to own one to display in my new flagship.’

    “’New flagship, you say?’ The woman’s eyes gleamed maliciously, though the prince did not notice, not being one to look into the eyes of lesser folks.” Even as she says this, Giffer Tibbs’ one good eye gleams almost evilly, mimicking her story. “’What be her name?’”

    “’She is named after the one I recently lost. She is called the Purple Prince II.’

    “The woman’s grin grew wider. ‘Is she now? In that case, I have just the one for you.’ Peg moves to the back and opens up a special cabinet. ‘She is the pride of my collection, though she isn’t quite complete.’

    “ ’Oh really,’ Prince Harand moved eagerly to peer over the woman’s shoulder into the display cabinet. The sight that greeted him surprised him. ‘You’ve made a replica of the Purple Prince...’ He looked on in wonder.

    “ ’Yes, yes. Here, have a closer look.’ The old woman stepped aside so the man could move in and really examine the incredible item. Harand saw that every detail was perfect, from the number of jolly boats to the silver knobs on the officers’ quarters, and of course the wide purple stripe running down the hull. The ship was run aground atop a miniature island, with miniature palm trees growing amongst sand and rock. Everything looked so real.

    “ ’How did you…’ began the prince, before saying with intent curiosity, ‘You said she is missing something?’ Before the woman could respond, Harand noticed something else, ‘This is very curious. What is…’ Suddenly, Harand realized with horror what he was seeing. Real gold and silver was spilling out of the hull, and there on the island next to the ship, was a miniature crew desperately signaling for help.

    “Such was the prince’s stunned disbelief, he did not hear the witch behind him say, ‘Yes… a prince,’ before casting her spell.”

    The audience sits silently for a moment, even as Giffer chuckles and returns to her seat. Eventually, Sandara shudders and turns to you, “That one always gives me the chills.”

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    "Well that is something to make your hair stand on end. Just how long do you think you could survive inside a bottle?"

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    The Final Tale

    Moonday, 23 Desnus, 4712 AR (20:21:31)
    Lower Hold, The Wormwood, Unknown Waters, Off the Coast of Garund, Inner Sea Region, Golarion

    “I guess it depends on how long the witch wanted to keep you alive,” responds Sandara. “Oh look, it looks like we'll have one more." She motions to where your friend Elias the dwarf is preparing to to take the stage.

    Elias addresses the audience. “I weren't plannin' on tellin' no tales," chuckles Elias, “But the gnome's tale of a uniquely talented tinkerer reminds o' another of similar sorts."

    Unlike the theatrics of the others, the dwarf pulls up a barrel to sit on while he spins his yarn. “Twas a gnome named Liat Murks, originally from way over in Oppara, Taldor. This gnome also owned a shop. Twas a jeweler, and his shop was renowned for its very fine jewelery.

    "But the gnome's true talent was tinkering, and his true love was making toys. Unlike Miss Tibbs' witch, Liat Murks loved for people to buy his creations, and he would often make the most wonderful devices for the children of his city. Miniature train sets that could actually move. Dolls that could talk. Walking soldiers, guns that shoot water, and more. Murks had a happy, productive life in his little jewelry shop full o' trinkets and toys.

    "Ye'll be able to relate to this next bit when I say that, as a coastal city, Oppara, like any other, was a prime source to replenish pirate crews. Yes, Mr. Murks was press-ganged onto a pirate ship. After restocking its crew, the Deprived left the Inner Sea to return to the ocean, with Liat Murks unlikely to ever see his home again.

    "At first, the puny gnome was good for nothing, and the captain soon considered dropping his dead weight into the sea. Before Captain Darcy could resolve himself to this, however, the crew discovered Liat's special talents... the gnome could fix anything. Liat was moved from swab duties to become the ship carpenter's mate and general repairman.

    "Although Liat Murks was now wanted and useful, he was still unhappy. He longed to return to his jewelry makin' and toy creatin' back in Taldor. To raise his spirits, he tinkered endlessly every night. Inspired by the captain's pet toucan, Liat decided to make a toy bird. At first, the bird was to be just another of his creations, perhaps something to further endear himself to the crew and officers. Eventually though, the gnome hatched a plan for himself.

    "Every night, Liat worked on the toucan, often finding himself fatigued during his next day's duties. But the gnome knew it would be worth it once he were finished. Eventually his most wondrous creation ever was finished - a shiny silver toucan of springs and cogs and gears and hinges... and just a touch of alchemy.

    "The next morning, he wound up the metal bird, having loaded it with a rescue plea, and set it loose to find help. The bird awakened, and immediately started acting as if it were alive. Unfortunately, Liat couldn't get it to leave, and as the bird hung around the ship that morning, amazing the crew, it eventually caught a glimpse of the captain's real toucan. It didn't take a long observation from the metal bird to finally understand the nature of what it was. Taking its cues from the captain's bird, the toy began acting like a real toucan, finally flying off to applause and cheers from the crew.

    "The other pirates enthusiastically thanked poor Liat Murks for his thoughtful bit of entertainment, before sending the gnome off to start the new day's duties. So convincing was his device - even to itself - that it flew into the jungles near Mgange Cove and was never seen again."
    Elias leans back, obviously pleased with himself.

    After sitting and thinking for a bit, everyone begins to stir, before heading towards their hammocks.

    “Looks like that's it for the night," comments Sandara.

    The Lost Messenger

    Rumors of the Shackles
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    Jhiv thanks Sandara for her company, slaps Elias on the back and compliments him on a damned fine tale, then heads to bed for the evening.
    Current Status
    Jhiv Viratek (Male undine druid/rogue 2)
    N medium outsider (native, aquatic [amphibious])
    Str 11 Dex 18 Con 10 Int 12 Wis 18 Cha 14

    Key Skills Acrobatics +11, Bluff +7, Climb +7, Diplomacy +7, Escape Artist +4, Heal +4, Intimidate +2,
    Knowledge (Any) +1, Knowledge (Local) +5, Knowledge (Nature) +3, Perception +10, Profession (Sailor) +10, Sense Motive +8, Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +9, Survival +10, Swim +15

    Init +4 Spd 30 ft., Swim 30 ft. Senses Darkvision 60 ft. (normal light); Perception +10
    AC 17, touch 14, FF 13 HP 13/13 Temp HP 0
    Fort +3 Ref +7 Will +7 CMB +1 CMD 15
    Hero Points 3/3
    Infamy 3/8
    Disrepute 2/8

    Melee Attack Unarmed Strike +5 (1d3/x2) [nonlethal]
    Melee Attack Footlocker Key +1 (1d4/x2)

    Currently Wielding Nothing (Hands Free)
    Current Armor None (Explorer's Outfit)
    Stowed on Person (Sheaths, Straps, Pockets, etc.) [9 gp, 20 sp, 9 cp], Sprig of Holly, Mineral Prism, Footlocker Key
    Stowed in Packs (Backpacks, Belt Pouches, Saddle Bags, etc.) Belt Pouch (Nothing)
    Stored (Footlockers, etc.) Coin Purse (200 gp), Leather Armor, Darkwood Buckler, Rapier, Sap, Dagger, Shortbow, Arrows (20), Backpack (Masterwork), Mirror (Small Steel), Fishhook, Thieves' Tools, Twine (50 ft.), Tanglefoot Bag, Tindertwig (2)
    Current Encumbrance 13 lbs (light load) Medium Load 39 lbs Heavy Load 77 lbs Max 115 lbs

    Active Abilities
    1st-Level Spells:
    1/1 (Cure Light Wounds/Obscuring Mist), 2/2 (Remove Sickness/Obscuring Mist), 1/1 (Obscuring Mist)
    Cantrips: ~/~
    (Create Water, Light, Purify Food and Drink, Mending)
    Spell-like Abilities: 7/7 Storm Burst
    Combat Options: Charge (full round action), Sneak Attack (+1d6)
    Combat Maneuvers: Bull Rush, Dirty Trick, Disarm (Weapon Finesse), Drag, Grapple, Overrun, Reposition, Steal, Sunder
    (Weapon Finesse), Trip (Weapon Finesse)

    Defensive Abilities
    Cold Resistance 5 (racial)

    Situational Modifiers
    Shackles Seafarer
    +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (Nature) and Knowledge (Geography) checks while on the ocean
    Besmara's Blessing once per week can reroll a Profession (Sailor) check and take the higher result (must announce use of this ability before the results of the check are known).
    Hydrated Vitality Fast Healing 2 for 1 round anytime submerged completely within a body of natural water; stagnant, poisoned, or trapped water does not activate this ability; can heal up to 4 HP per day with this ability
    Wormwood Reputation +2 bonus on all checks to influence crew-members of this ship (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Perform). This circumstance bonus stacks with other bonuses.
    penalties from natural or magical wind effects are treated as one step less severe

    Current Effects and Conditions:
    Addiction (1 save in a row)

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    Block Redbadge

    Toilday, 24 Desnus, 4712 AR (04:50:55)
    Crew Berths, The Wormwood, Unknown Waters, Off the Coast of Garund, Inner Sea Region, Golarion

    Day 7 begins...

    You awaken much earlier this morning, your rest having been disturbed the wild motions of the ship, which rocks back and forth dizzyingly. You spot Sandara in one corner of the hold, consoling Marina, who is bent over a bucket retching. Many of the other crew have also stirred, though some still struggle to get their last few hours of sleep in before the dawn.

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    Jhiv steadies himself by bracing against a corner and prepares his spells, then heads out on deck when the time is right for the morning bell.

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    Block Redbadge

    Toilday, 24 Desnus, 4712 AR (06:00:00)
    Main Deck, The Wormwood, Unknown Waters, Off the Coast of Garund, Inner Sea Region, Golarion

    You walk out into heavy rains accompanied by heavy winds. The deck rolls up and down, and the wood floor is slick with the rain. The thick, dark clouds block out the sun, but the Wormwood's spellcasteres have already placed lights at spots all along the ship. Scourge and Plugg are already out, directing the crew with shouts and insults.

    Get ter work, ye scallywags,"
    yells Scourge over the wind.

    Aye," agrees Plugg, We've alot of work to do today. You, Fishman, and you, halfling monkey, go ahead and start on the rope work."

    Rope Work
    You handle the ship's ropes to account for the weather, including double-checking them, coiling them, and securing them to cleats and single and double bollards. You make sure ropes of all types and lengths are at hand and ready for a moment's notice. You are working with Rosie today, which reduces your penalty for working in heavy weather to -2, though you are still considered distracted. Your Profession (sailor) check determines how long it takes to finish the rope work:
    Sailor Result    Time
    5 or less        3d4 hours
    6 to 10          2d4+1 hours
    11 to 15         2d4 hours
    16 to 20         1d4+1 hours
    21 or higher     1d4 hours

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    Jhiv gets to work, but can't help but notice that everyone else has a slightly more difficult time dealing with the wind.

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    Toilday, 24 Desnus, 4712 AR (08:05:44)
    Galley, The Wormwood, Unknown Waters, Off the Coast of Garund, Inner Sea Region, Golarion

    You find that your status as a storm druid comes in quite handy in dealing with the turbulent weather. As you work quickly through the morning, you determine that this rain and wind is going to be lasting for at least 24 more hours.

    After finishing, you quickly head to the galley before Plugg can assign even more work for you, though it does look like most of the officers and crew are more than busy enough already.

    Remarkably, you enter the galley to find that Fishguts is not inebriated in the slightest. Seeing you, he remarks, Cannot drink in weather like this. Makes me queasy."

    "Anyways, I done checked, and we're outta fish. What do you think about servin' today?"

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