The time has come for another episode of the RPG Edition of our podcast and it is a very exciting one. Not that the rest aren’t exciting, but this one is special because we have a new person joining us. Mr. Robert Sullivan, aka the Grumpy Celt, who will lend us his knowledge, wit and charm for the commentary.

Well. You judge about the charm bit.

We do discuss the Ennies. With “we” I mean Jenn, Rob and myself, of course. The nominees for the most prestigious award in the Role Playing industry were announced and, as is to be expected, there is controversy aplenty. A couple of the categories gave us plenty of reasons to talk about what we think went well and which ones we think shouldn’t even be there.

Of course we celebrate and congratulate Jenn for her nomination for Best Podcast. I say nomination with a pinch of salt (or a grain if you prefer), because she should be getting the award and she will with your help. Please head onto the Ennies voting page and make sure the Jennisodes are your number one choice!

As usual we also have an interview that we hope you’ll enjoy. If you lurk Kickstarter (and you should!), you might have noticed This young company has been set up to produce high quality printed maps you can use on the table. But not just any maps, as you will find out.

With Jared Blando as their artist and some production values that more experienced companies should learn of, should be doing very, very well in the future!

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Hope you enjoy the show!