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    Gaming W/Jemal: Circle of Champions (Debut Battle)

    OOC Thread
    Rogue's Gallery
    Current cast :
    Jonathon Lindworm
    Sam Corgan
    Xolotl the death god
    Redstone the crystal golem
    Titan the Canadian Cyclops Robot


    "WELCOME Citizens to the Champions Arena! Tonight's match is an introductory match for two new teams.
    Our match for the evening will be taking place in the always popular 'Urban Warzone'. We will be pitting these teams of 5 against each other for no reason other than to test their abilities to fight for you the people!"

    "Lets go now to our cameras in the arena as the teams arrive in position.."

    <Urban Warzone Combat Arena>
    The five members of Savior's newly-formed group are teleported into a hundred foot wide cleared space on the northern end of the arena. All around them are toppled buildings, ruins, rubble, and old destroyed or abandoned vehicles. To the south one mile, in the center of the arena, rises the tallest remaining building, the outside bristling with automated defenses, obviously protecting something. They see a beam of similar light two miles to the south, on the other side of the middle tower, indicating where their opponents have been deposited.

    As the new team looks around at their surroundings, they realize the match has started, and they must decide upon their battle plan and course of action.

    OOC: Arena info :
    This arena is a two mile diameter section of a standard cityscape which was not rebuilt after the war. Most of the buildings have been run down & destroyed, though some have survived, the tallest of which is 5 stories tall.
    On the top floor of the tallest building will be located a beneficial item guarded by constructs.
    The Subway system underneath is riddled with traps but also contains a beneficial item that can help in the fight.

    You know nothing about your opponents for this round except that there are five of them.

    As far as specifics on the surroundings, just imagine a general urban area like i had described - subway entrances, buildings, rubble, etc. If specific locations/areas/descriptions matter, I'll do them, otherwise feel free to describe it yourself. If you want to go into the subway, just say you head into a subway entrance, if you want to enter a building, just write how you go in. The only exceptions will be made fairly obvious (Such as the central tower)

    I need to know if you're sticking together, splitting up, which direction you're heading, underground, above ground, special movement modes, how fast, etc..
    If your character has any special senses or other things you feel I should keep in mind, please keep a notation of them in the ooc section of your posts.
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