Myths and Legends of E'n

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    Myths and Legends of E'n

    I thought it might be a good idea to compile some of the fluff out there regarding E'n myths -- thing that don't necessarily deserve a full write-up, but maybe should have a footnote somewhere.

    Ys: A mythical island kingdom that the gods sunk into the sea as punishment for their use of dark magics. The legend is widespread, but generally considered apocryphal.

    Thet: One of a number of dwarven city-states that existed before the Time of Darkness. Thet and the other cities are fairly obscure, but they existed and made extensive use of the waygate system.


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    Incidentally, I'd love to see all the setting fluff in one place somewhere. Wiki format, and the resultant hopping from page to page, is not conducive to immersion in the same way reading through a setting book is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dammitbiscuit View Post
    Incidentally, I'd love to see all the setting fluff in one place somewhere. Wiki format, and the resultant hopping from page to page, is not conducive to immersion in the same way reading through a setting book is.
    Unfortunately from what I am understanding, a wiki format page is usually reserved for fully fleshed out information such as a description of a city such as the one for Venza. However a wiki-format list such as the one we have for the God's of E'n might actually work in this instance as a master list of all the myth's and legends that exist in the world. At least until a given myth or legend is more fully fleshed out and thus deserving of it's own individual page. That is my take on it.
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    I have one about an infamous pirate I will post here when I get a chance that I introduced in one of my games.

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    The Temple of Blood1 - rumored to be hidden beneath the Grand Piazza this dark temple is dedicated to the Blood Goddess, a goddess who delights in sacrifice. In 1260 (50-some years prior to the current date) five knights from five separate noble Venzan houses descended into the Temple and slew the cultists to a man. As the last cultist died with his own blood on his lips he pronounced a death curse: the knights' blood would betray them.

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    The Legend of Old Greybeard
    Several generations ago, when the village of Poisson was at most a couple of fishing huts huddled at the base of the cliff, Old Greybeard, a nasty dwarf with a reputation for dealing with the devil, terrorized the high seas. As he grew older, he started to look for a place to settle down, retire, and found a pirate settlement where young buccaneers could find training and safe haven, or so he claimed. Most believed he sought a place to more comfortably cavort with the devils. In any case, he settled upon this plateau, and not wanting to tip off the few local fisherman before they could warn the navy, he chose to create a "backdoor" so to speak. The work was hard, and it took all his efforts to keep his men in line as they first found a promising cave comparatively near the base of the cliff and than started to work their way up. Finally, though, he pushed his men too far, and the majority of them mutinied, leaving him and his few supporters for dead in the cave. What happened to them after that, no one knows for certain. Some say that the surviving pirates, Greybeard not among them, chose to forsake their past life and became some of the first settlers of Poisson; other stories are far more colorful and imaginative. Aside from the fact that Greybeard was never seen again, it's all speculation. There are stories of pirates over the years trying to relocate the cave and the rumored treasure left behind in the haste of the mutineer's departure. As happens with all such stories, curses of various kinds have been attributed to the lack of success in that department. The cave was recently been found, and the treasure claimed, causing some to believe the story would finally start to fade away, but it has had the opposite effect; while the search for the treasure is over, there is still much to speculate about, especially what actually happened to the grizzled old pirate, and the renewed attention has fueled talk of these other aspects considerably.

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