Silver Gryphon Games Kickstarter Project

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    Silver Gryphon Games Kickstarter Project

    Silver Gryphon Games: Every gamer needs dice. They are the common currency of the RPG world, right along with pencils and paper. Gamers have all kinds of superstitions about dice. We collect them, sometimes by the pounds, so that we can have either the perfect set, or a set that matches our personality the best, or even one that matches the characters that we play.

    We want to begin carrying dice to add to that eclectic collection. The ten-sided die in the set of dice we are hoping to produce will be emblazoned with the Silver Gryphon Games logo. As you can see by our mock-up, we have it planned out, and we have been in contact with two major dice producers and they are standing by. We are looking forward to having this rare dice collection available to you, and we are looking at two separate manufacturing methods.

    Both the Æther and the Ingenium system use the d10 as a primary dice, and so it is with that in mind that we will be replacing the 10 spot, or zero, on the die with our logo.

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters.
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