Kevin Kulp, EN World's admin Piratecat, has been asked by Wizards of the Coast to DM.. err, facilitate their Gen Con keynote address on the future of Dungeons & Dragons. He'll be up on stage with Senior R&D Manager Mike Mearls and other panelists, asking questions and guiding the presentation.
Here's the keynote's description with the revised location.

Future of Dungeons & Dragons Keynote

Company: Wizards of the Coast
Description: This unprecedented look into the future of Dungeons & Dragons includes the evolution of the game, the re-birth of a fantasy setting and the next generation of art. Wizards of the Coast is proud to host the first-ever keynote address at Gen Con on Thursday, August 16th to share with D&D fans whats in store for the game that has changed gaming forever. Speakers include President and CEO of Wizards Greg Leeds, Senior Manager for D&D Research and Design Mike Mearls and some of the greatest creative minds in the industry. The keynote begins at 7:00 PM in the Indiana Roof Ballroom, located at 140 W. Washington Street (note that this is a location change) and will be live-streamed at

While we're probably prejudiced, I think it's great that they want to represent the fan base enough that they asked us to help out. We're looking forward to this.