I had DMed a 4e campaign for a year and a half, meeting weekly. We had just gotten to the epic tier, when 2 of my players moved out of town. We spent months not gaming, but another out of town friend teamed up with some of the previous players and pushed me into DMing using the roll20.net VT. I had tried online gaming as a player previously and didn't enjoy the experience, but I gave in and agreed to try it.

Our last campaign I chose the system, setting and story, but this time around I wanted the players to decide what kind of game they wanted to play. We met up on the VT site, testing it out while the players and I discussed options. In the end they decided they wanted to give 4E another go, but were undecided on the type of game. The only thing they agreed on is that they wanted to RP a bit more.

It was at this point I mentioned: I do have this one adventure... The group instantly jumped on this idea. The thought of being an investigative force in D&D just galvanized the lot of them. I was surprised, but pleased because I had read the first adventure a year ago and thought it was one of the most amazing adventures I'd ever read. And it was for level 1, which usually has the most banal of adventures!

The current party:
Dorinn, Dragonborn Sorcerer. Reflavored as using special alchemical bullets in his gun instead of casting spells. RHC member.
Nyx, Gnome Artificer. RHC member.
Trip, Eladrin Swordmage. Freelance mercenary, currently on hire by the understaffed RHC.
Professor Ross Ethorp, Human Wizard. Reflavored as using technological inventions instead of casting spells. Minor noble, technology consultant.

We decided to meet every other week for roughly 4 hour sessions. I'll include the write up for our first session soon.