D&D 3rd Edition / 3.5 Help me list spells that make skills irrelevant.

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    Help me list spells that make skills irrelevant.

    I'm compiling a list of spells that either make investing ranks into a skill irrelevant, or provide a significant boost to the skill check. Please contribute as you think of suggestions.

    information Indexed So Far:

    Any Skill: Spells
    Divine Insight
    Master's Touch

    Standard Skills: Spells
    Appraise: Appraising Touch, Legend Lore (significant items), Commune With Lesser Spirit, Contact Other Plane

    Balance: Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk, Gaseous Form, Balancing Lorecall, Ice Skate, Rooftop Strider, Surefoot, Sea Legs, Walk the Mountain's Path

    Bluff: Glibness, Insightful Feint, Mimicry, Voice of the Dragon

    Climb: Spider Climb, Alter Self, Balancing Lorecall, Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk, Gaseous Form, Featherfall, Levitate, Easy Climb, Walk the Mountain's Path

    Concentration: Sonorous Hum, Aiming at the Target, Finding The Center

    Craft: Magecraft, Polymorph Any Object

    Decipher Script: Comprehend Languages, Read Magic

    Diplomacy: Suggestion, Charm Person, Voice of the Dragon

    Disable Device: Understand Device, Rusting Grasp, Shatter

    Disguise: Disguise Self, Alter Self, Beastmask, Consume Likeness, Crawling Darkness, Crown of Veils, Deceptive Facade, Shroud of Undeath, Seeming, Veil

    Escape Artist: Grease, Knock, Freedom of Movement, Gaseous Form, Crawling Darkness

    Forgery: Amanuesis (Duplicating documents), Polymorph Any Object

    Gather Information: Legend Lore, Speak With Dead, Detect Thoughts, Commune With City

    Handle Animal: Charm Animal, Speak with Animals

    Heal: Cure Light Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Summon Nature's Ally IV (Unicorn)

    Hide: Invisiblity, Nightmare Terrain, Crown of Veils

    Intimidate: Cause Fear, Divine Presence, Towering Oak, Voice of the Dragon

    Jump: Jump (spell), Fly, Alter Self, Gaseous Form

    Knowledge: Commune, Contact Other Plane, Legend Lore, Spiritual Advisor

    Listen: Tremorsense, Listening Lorecall (additional senses)

    Move Silently: Silence, Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk, Gaseous Form

    Open Lock: Knock, Gaseous Form, Passwall, Shatter, Warp Wood, Soften Earth and Stone, Wood Shape, Stone Shape, Rusting Grasp



    Ride: Teleport, Sticky Saddle, Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk

    : Locate Object (If known), Summon Monster I (finding traps in an evil way), Find Traps (finding traps in a non-evil way)

    Sense Motive
    : Zone of Truth, Discern Lies, Know Motivation, Detect Thoughts

    Sleight Of Hand
    : Absorb Weapon (hiding weapons), Prestidigitation

    Speak Language
    : Tongues

    : Identify (item identification), Analyze Dweomer

    : Prying Eyes, Tremorsense, Eyes of the Avoral, Detect Evil (and other Detect spells), True Seeing

    : Discern Location (for tracking), Create Food and Water (for food gathering), Know Direction (for finding true north), Find the Path (safe travel), Scent (Tracking),

    : Alter Self, Water Walk (Crossing water), Balancing Lorecall (Crossing water)

    : Feather Fall (Reduce falling damage), Faerinaal's Hymn, Lightfoot, Opportune Dodge (Avoiding A.o.O.'s), Dimensional Step, Zeal (Moving through enemy's square), Stand (up from prone quickly)

    Use Magic Device

    Use Rope
    : Animate Rope

    Additional Skills: Spells

    Control Shape :

    Iaijutsu Focus:

    Lucid Dreaming: Dream, Dream Travel

    Martial Lore:



    Use Psionic Device:
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    Teleport replaces Ride for getting around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dandu View Post
    Teleport replaces Ride for getting around.
    Hm... does the Mount spell automatically make you proficient at riding it well? The wording of the spell states, "The steed serves willingly and well."

    Tongues replaces Speak Language.
    Silence replaces Move Silently.
    Invisiblity replaces Hide.
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    While the Jump spell doesn't make the skill obsolete, in that it merely adds 10 to it, it comes close.

    Invisibility makes the Hide skill meaningless.

    Disguise Self does for Disguise what Jump does for the Jump skill.

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    A shrewdly used Alter Self can replace a Swim or Climb skill by granting a natural movement ability. Possibly a Jump skill with flight, but that depends on the maneuverability.
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    Glibness all but replaces Bluff.
    Detect [alignment], Zone of Truth and Discern Lies replace Sense Motive.
    Charm Monster replaces Diplomacy (Charm Person for... persons).
    So does Suggestion, but differently.
    Grease replaces (a lot of ranks in) Escape Artist.
    Prying Eyes replaces Spot.
    Summon Monster I replaces Search (for the purpose of trapfinding).
    Cause Fear replaces Intimidate.

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    Comprehend Languages replaces Decipher Script.

    Yes, spells that provide a lot of points towards a skill might as well count for the purposes of this thread.

    Thanks all, keep them coming. I'll compile this all into the first post when we've exhausted the possibilities.
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    Commune/Contact Other Plane replaces all Knowledge skills.
    Knock replaces Disable Device (for locks) or Escape Artist (for binds).
    Alter Self replaces Climb, Swim, and Jump (plus gets you water breathing).
    Discern Location replaces Survival (for tracking). Conjure Food/Water replaces Survival (for food gathering). Know Direction replaces Survival (for finding true north).
    Identify replaces Spellcraft (for item identification).
    Legend Lore replaces Gather Information.

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    the spell Balancing Lorecall do make climb irrelevant, but makes balance really helpfull. I don't know if it suits this post, but this spell use balance to replace climb, making it better, because you will climb and still be able to attack, maintain the dex bonus and walk on water. Also, Balance 5 is useful anyway for grease.
    Also Tremorsense replaces spot and listen in a better way.
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    First Post updated, please continue to contribute!

    Thanks all so far!
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