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    Help me list spells that make skills irrelevant.

    I'm compiling a list of spells that either make investing ranks into a skill irrelevant, or provide a significant boost to the skill check. Please contribute as you think of suggestions.

    information Indexed So Far:

    Any Skill: Spells
    Divine Insight
    Master's Touch

    Standard Skills: Spells
    Appraise: Appraising Touch, Legend Lore (significant items), Commune With Lesser Spirit, Contact Other Plane

    Balance: Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk, Gaseous Form, Balancing Lorecall, Ice Skate, Rooftop Strider, Surefoot, Sea Legs, Walk the Mountain's Path

    Bluff: Glibness, Insightful Feint, Mimicry, Voice of the Dragon, Insidious Insight

    Climb: Spider Climb, Alter Self, Balancing Lorecall, Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk, Gaseous Form, Featherfall, Levitate, Easy Climb, Walk the Mountain's Path

    Concentration: Sonorous Hum, Aiming at the Target, Finding The Center

    Craft: Magecraft, Polymorph Any Object

    Decipher Script: Comprehend Languages, Read Magic

    Diplomacy: Suggestion, Charm Person, Voice of the Dragon, Insidious Insight

    Disable Device: Understand Device, Rusting Grasp, Shatter

    Disguise: Disguise Self, Alter Self, Beastmask, Consume Likeness, Crawling Darkness, Crown of Veils, Deceptive Facade, Shroud of Undeath, Seeming, Veil

    Escape Artist: Grease, Knock, Freedom of Movement, Gaseous Form, Crawling Darkness

    Forgery: Amanuesis (Duplicating documents), Polymorph Any Object

    Gather Information: Legend Lore, Speak With Dead, Detect Thoughts, Commune With City

    Handle Animal: Charm Animal, Speak with Animals

    Heal: Cure Light Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Summon Nature's Ally IV (Unicorn)

    Hide: Invisiblity, Nightmare Terrain, Crown of Veils

    Intimidate: Cause Fear, Divine Presence, Towering Oak, Voice of the Dragon, Insidious Insight

    Jump: Jump (spell), Fly, Alter Self, Gaseous Form

    Knowledge: Commune, Contact Other Plane, Legend Lore, Spiritual Advisor

    Listen: Tremorsense, Listening Lorecall (additional senses)

    Move Silently: Silence, Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk, Gaseous Form

    Open Lock: Knock, Gaseous Form, Passwall, Shatter, Warp Wood, Soften Earth and Stone, Wood Shape, Stone Shape, Rusting Grasp



    Ride: Teleport, Sticky Saddle, Fly, Overland Flight, Air Walk, Wind Walk

    : Locate Object (If known), Summon Monster I (finding traps in an evil way), Find Traps (finding traps in a non-evil way)

    Sense Motive
    : Zone of Truth, Discern Lies, Know Motivation, Detect Thoughts, Insidious Insight

    Sleight Of Hand
    : Absorb Weapon (hiding weapons), Prestidigitation

    Speak Language
    : Tongues

    : Identify (item identification), Analyze Dweomer

    : Prying Eyes, Tremorsense, Eyes of the Avoral, Detect Evil (and other Detect spells), True Seeing

    : Discern Location (for tracking), Create Food and Water (for food gathering), Know Direction (for finding true north), Find the Path (safe travel), Scent (Tracking),

    : Alter Self, Water Walk (Crossing water), Balancing Lorecall (Crossing water)

    : Feather Fall (Reduce falling damage), Faerinaal's Hymn, Lightfoot, Opportune Dodge (Avoiding A.o.O.'s), Dimensional Step, Zeal (Moving through enemy's square), Stand (up from prone quickly)

    Use Magic Device

    Use Rope
    : Animate Rope

    Additional Skills: Spells

    Control Shape :

    Iaijutsu Focus:

    Lucid Dreaming: Dream, Dream Travel

    Martial Lore:



    Use Psionic Device:
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