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    Hey guys, just seeing who has seen Other Dust, the new post-apocalyptic game from Sine Nomine. I have read it (numerous times) and cannot wait until next week when my hardcover (for GMing) and softcover (for the players) arrive. The PDF is awesome but I eagerly await the books.

    Just seeing what you all think of it and if you know of it. It is fille with awesome tables just like SWN, Red Tide, and the other works Kevin has done. It fits quite nicely with SWN for a possibly awesome space travel/post-apocalyptic sandbox for the PC's to explore.

    I love it and can't wait to start up a game on alternate weeks from my Barrowmaze game!

    Other Dust Sine Nomine Publishing

    Hopefully I linked it right, not used to doing this from my iPhone.

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    I got a copy and I agree with you, it's great mind you anything Kevin Crawford does is great as a rule

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    Yes everything Kevin has put out is amazing and I am going to be playing in a G+ game for Other Dust starting soon. I may be starting my own Other Dust game tomorrow if my Barrowmaze group has anymore cancellations.

    I showed my friend Other Dust last night and he said, holy crap that is amazing that you could fit all that goodness in one book just over 200 pages. Yes, the book has character creation, the systems (skills, saves, etc.), history of the tomb world of Earth, GM information (poisons, diseases, running the game), building groups, random tables and maps to fill a sandbox campaign with, a bestiary, an example campaign area (North Eastern USA) with detailed settlements, ruins and hooks galore.

    This book to me is every bit as good as Red Tide and Stars without Number.

    Buy it.

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