Campaign Websites???

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    Campaign Websites???

    I was wondering how many DMs had campaign websites and whether or not it helped them organize their campaigns better. Post your views, opinions, experiences etc. I've sort of been toying around with the idea of making one. Also, what should I include? I think I seem to remember there being an article in Dragon by Johnn Four, but I really can't remember where or if it really existed (and I'm too lazy to get up and look for it at the moment)
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    I think there is an article in the newest Dragon. I like them - and it has helped me.
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    Yes, I maintain one for my main game. It is invaluable.

    What to include? Regional info, NPC info, history/timeline, rumors, house rules, game logs - at the very least.
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    Helps alot, especially since all my RPing is online! Provide setting info, bios, maps, and general important tidbits. Mostly useful for newcomers to the group.

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    Yup, my Scarred Lands campaign will have an accompanying web site, and probably a Story Hour as well.

    Planned contents: Game logs, NPC's, any new items/rules/feats/spells etc we make in our game, and so on.
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    Oh yeah, they help a lot!

    Sometimes you also get nice feedback from people other than your players, and it is nice to have it accessible from everywhere. It is also a nice place to put stat blocks for your PCs and NPC up, in case someone forgot thair character sheets (my players are mostly still university students, which in the NL means you go back to your parents during the weekends for laundry and free food , hence they often forget to bring them. )

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    If you don't see your players on a somewhat daily basis; websites a godsend.

    * Character Generation: Everyone has access to the rules
    * Events/Summaries: No one's asking what happened last time.
    * NPCs: No one's forgetting the name of the Evil Overlord
    * House Rules: See character generation. Its nice to have them in one spot where they can reference them during off hours.

    Happy gaming!
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    It's mostly just a storyhour page, and it's of no use to the players in those games, since both games are completed now. However, I also have some art on there, some of my prestige classes, and a few other things.

    I think I probably should start a site for my current game, but I'll be leaving them by the end of this semester anyway. Accursed college tuition is too high.

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    Thanks for the tips/advice/examples guys! Have I mentioned how much I love this place lately? Who cares if I have...


    Ahem. Thanks again, I'm really thinking of starting one up since our groups playing schedule tends to be rather erratic.
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