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    Former Wizards of the Coast CEO Launches New RPG Company

    Peter Adkison, former owner of WotC and current owner of Gen Con, has launched Hostile Work Environment. This nontraditional RPG company focuses not on bringing out books and modules, but on creating online films to bring roleplaying adventures to life. The company's focus is filming, narrating, and illustrating roleplaying games online.

    "I couldn't be more excited about Hostile Work Environment! Roleplaying games are my passion and through my new company, I'm creating ways for people to experience RPGs that will resonate with long-time players and new audiences alike."

    The company's first production, The First Paladin, tells a story based on a Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the world of Chaldea, one of Adkison's own creations.

    Film journalist and producer Kim Voynar will join Adkison at the company. Voynar has been managing editor and film critic at AOL’s Cinematical and features editor and film critic for Movie City News, as well as producing the short film White Knights, and producer/writer/director of Bunker, another short.
    Voynar will produce the company’s website and its first project, a web series dedicated to a Dungeons & Dragons campaign titled The First Paladin, set in Adkison’s world of Chaldea.

    "The launch of The First Paladin web series is just the first step in what I expect will be many opportunities to explore ways to both interact with gamers dynamically in shaping stories, and to create entertainment across a variety of platforms including producing short and feature films for this specific genre market," adds Adkison.
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