Kickstarter Bans Retailer Rewards

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    Kickstarter Bans Retailer Rewards

    Kickstarter has instituted a new policy prohibiting bulk or retailer rewards, and has begun enforcing it. See here for more information.

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters. For more about retailer-friendly Kickstarter programs, click here.
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    Thats....lame? What is the point of it?

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    What a load of crap... I can't see any good reason to do that.


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    I sent them a message to let them know I was disappointed, between this and their reaction to Kicking it Forward, I'm tempted to look to indigogo for my next crowd funded project.
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    Even with their clarification, there is still no sign of actually explaining why they decided to ban sales of more than 10 copies of product. Whatever their reason, it would be nice if they would state it. They set the limit so low that only small companies really get affected. Big companies can wait and buy later at wholesale, perhaps for less than the Kickers paid.

    Of course, all this may just be showing off how ignorant I am about the business world...
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