Fang and Talon a Fantasy Webseries Kickstarter Project

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    Fang and Talon a Fantasy Webseries Kickstarter Project

    Fang and Talon a Fantasy Webseries: In a far-off land ambitious lords vie for control of the region. The land is filled with soldiers, nobles, beasts, thieves and monsters. Vance, Wallace and Selvig are the Fang & Talon mercenary company and they are caught in the middle ground of good and evil - just trying to make some coin.

    This project is heavily inspired by pen and paperfantasyRPGs. We have several gamer friendly awards for backing; including dice bags (made from costumes), a Castles and Crusades Adventure module and a personal game night!

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters.


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    Thanks for posting us here and generating some traffic. We have already gotten several backers from this page (and the tumbler). We are a very open production and willing to talk to folks, answer questions etc. If you want to know anything give us a ring. We will answer quickly, we look forward to making this great series!

    -Kyle Executive Producer

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    Update - F&T has reached and surpassed its funding goal. If you want to be a part of this and pick us some Kickstarter exclusives (dice bags, DVDs with exclusive footage, props from the show, name in the credits and much more) you have just 48 hours hours to do so. We look forward to bringing this webseries to the public. It will hit the internet before Christmas! Fang & Talon - Fantasy/Comedy/Action Webseries by Kyle Dekker — Kickstarter

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