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    Kelnin bids you farewell and Godspeed as you begin your job.

    The Party Sets Out

    After spending the rest of the day picking up any last minute essentials and securing horses from the Grand Stables of Venza, you decide to head out at first light the following day.

    The next morning, the sky threatens rain as light gray clouds loom over Venza. Everything secure and ready to go, the party sets out.

    As you head eastward along the Eastern Trade Route, you easily locate the southward road to Capoe after about an hours travel. A Venzan patrol, obviously returning to the city along the trade route, hails you as you begin to turn south. After they are convinced that you are not ne'er-do-wells, they warn you that there was an orc attack on a merchant several miles east yesterday. The merchants guards were able to drive them off with no casualties, but you should still be careful.

    By mid morning, the threat of rain becomes a reality and the sky opens up to soak you to the bones. Along the little used road to Capoe, this makes the going very slow. What should have been a single days ride will clearly take longer.

    Even though the rain lets up in the early evening, you believe there are likely 3 leagues to travel, and probably not a good idea at night.
    You find a suitable camp spot and begin setting up camp for the night.

    Game Information
    It is early evening and still there is still light, even though it is overcast. I've placed you all on the map but I am not clear who leased horses and ponies so I will need to add those.
    I will need you to each roll a perception check and initiative, as you are going about your business directly after camp is set up.
    Also, if you are unhappy with the token I created for you, please let send me an image you would like me to use instead. You can find the tokens on the map and I have added them to the first post.

    OOC GM Absence
    I apologize for not getting this up sooner, but multiple factors conspired against me this weekend. One of the biggest distractions was not understanding map software but I've got that fixed now!
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    Tasanto pulls out a lot of rope and a hammock from his haversack. With a few incantations of mage hand, he strings his hammock up in the low branches of the nearby tree so as to not be sleeping on a wet, muddy ground this night.

    "I can take the first watch. Dolgrin's dwarven eyes are as good as mine looking through the night's darkness, so he can have the middle. Menik and Lem can share the last watch of the morning. That way, we have our casters sleeping straight through without interruptions."

    Considering the warning, he invokes the incantation of mages armor for the evening's watch so the spell energies of the day are not unused. Warming his trail rations a bit in the fire, he has he meal and watches as night falls.
    Hang hammock, cast mage armor, eat dinner, stand watch with lucerne hammer in hand, recast mage armor when first expires.
    Tasanto jogged along the way, so didn't rent a horse. He moves the same pace as a pony.
    Half-elf Tasanto: AC 12, HP 27, Init -2, Low-light vision,
    Perception +11, Sense Motive +12, Move 30'

    Unarmed Strike +2, d6+1, Stunning Fist 1/day
    Lucerne Hammer
    +2, d12+3 with 10' reach
    Handbo +2, d6+1
    Dagger +2, d4+1
    Sling, -1, d4+11..... Sling Bullets 9 Normal
    Fort: +3, Reflex +0, Will +9

    Cattaur Tasanto AC 24 FF 22 HP 24/24 real, 20/20 temp, Init +2, Darkvision 60'
    Perception +11, Sense Motive +12, Move 40'
    Claw/Claw +4, d4+2
    Bite +4, d6+2
    Unarmed Strike +4, d6+2, Stunning Fist 1/day
    Lucerne Hammer +4, d12+3 with 10' reach
    Handbo +4, d6+2
    Dagger +4, d4+2
    Sling, +4, d4+2..... Sling Bullets 9 Normal
    Fort: +3, Reflex +4, Will +9
    ...Summoner Cantrips: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Jolt, Guidance
    .,....Summoner 1st Lvl: 2-1/3 remaining; Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon, Mage Armor, Shield
    ,...Summon Monster I: 5/5 remaining; std action SLA summon, (3 min), celestial eagles
    .............Consumables: 1 Alchemist's Fire, 2 Cure Light Wounds potion, 1 Enlarge potion
    .............Consumables: 1 wand of Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon (50/50 charges)
    .............Consumables: 5 days trail rations, 1 anti-toxin, 1 anti-plague
    ...,Anytime Free Action: Fused Link, move HP from real to temp to keep cattaur alive, used down to 2 real
    .....Immediate Actions: Enter Snake Stance
    If Snake Stance Active:
    .,,,,,,,,,,,,,.Free Action: A missed attack on me provokes an AoO
    .....Immediate Actions: AC or Touch AC = d20+12 against one strike
    .....Immediate Actions: if hit on unarmed AoO, spend immed to make second unarmed AoO attack
    .............Conditionals: +1 damage when flanking from dirty fighting trait
    ...........Effects: Mage Armor 3 hours each, cast twice to cover 6 hours tonight
    Current Stance: none

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    Lem the Cook, Halfling Monk 2

    Lem says cheerfully, "Works for me. Before I turn in, I'll see what I can scrounge up for breakfast." He casts his eyes around the camp, looking for plants that would spicen up their dry rations.

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    "I agree."

    After dinner, Menik settles into his bedroll. "Good night, and good luck on your watches."

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    "Aye, don't forget to wake me," Dolgrin says as he lays down in his own bedroll and pulls the light blanket over his head to shield the light from the fire from his eyes. Within a few minutes, a light snoring can be heard from the bedroll.

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    OOC: Bump... for Great Justice!

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    Setting up camp is a miserable affair. The day's downpour soaked everything and makes starting a fire difficult. Eventually the fire gets going and its warm glow goes a long way towards making the camp more comfortable. Lem manages to find a bit of jack-by-the-hedge and adding bits of the spicy plant to the rations warms almost as much as the fire.

    Lem, Menik, and Dolgrin all settle in for a bit of sleep as Tasanto stands first watch. Midway through his watch a light breeze picks up and the thick clouds above begin breaking up. Dolgrin's watch is likewise uneventful and he quickly goes back to snoring quietly when Lem and Menik take their watch.

    As Menik and Lem watch, a sound catches the halfling's attention. Lem is just about ready to chalk it up to his imagination when he hears the noise again and sees Menik perk up and turn searching for the source of the noise; clearly not a figment of Lem's mind. Searching intently Lem spots two stoop-shouldered figures with bestial, flat faces and tusk-like teeth though Menik is still looking for the threat. One orc holds a javelin and the second carries a falchion in his hands. The orcs, for that is surely what they must be, raise their weapons in preparation for rushing into the camp but Lem is quicker still...

    OOC: Combat: Round One. Lem is up.
    The orcs have initiative but Lem's quick reflexes will give him a free standard action before the orcs can act. Then the orcs act, then the entire party (including Lem).
    Warning: The map is huge. Edited for size.
    Combat Information



    Dolgrin Truddiggun: 29/29 hit points remaining
    Lem the Cook: 14/14 hit points remaining
    Menik: 12/12 hit points remaining
    Tasanto: 27/27 hit points remaining

    Spells/Abilities Used:

    Conditions in Effect:
    --Prone & sleeping (Dolgrin)
    --Prone/Hammock & sleeping (Tasanto)

    Enemy Status:
    Orc 1 (AC ?): 0 damage taken; unwounded
    Orc 2 (AC ?): 0 damage taken; unwounded
    Orc 3 (AC ?): 0 damage taken; unwounded
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    Lem the Cook, Halfling Monk 2

    "I'm telling you lads, it's always like this with company dropping in when you're only planning a small meal," Lem says as he rushes forward to meet the orcs (moves to H23), keeping his arms up and legs ready to act totally in defense.


    Disregard my dice rolls. I thought I was in range, but I am not. Lem will move and then act in total defense.

    And the map looks great, but I still can't get it to work at my job. Probably a firewall blocking the images.


    Lem the Cook (2nd Level Monk of the Empty Hand)
    HP: 14/14; AC: 20; AC Touch: 20; AC Flatfooted: 12; INIT: +7; BAB: +1; CMB: +5; CMD: 17; Fortitude: +4; Reflex: +9; Will: +7; Speed: 15'

    -Unarmed Strike: Attack: +7; Damage: 1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Special: Stunning Fist Option
    -Flurry of Blows: Attack: +6/+6; Damage: 1d4/1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Special: Stunning Fist Option
    -Thrown Flask of Acid: Ranged Touch Attack: +7; Damage: 1d6, Crit: Nil, Range: 10 feet, Special: 1hp splash acid damage to those within 5 feet; 12 Flasks of Acid
    --Thrown Tanglefoot Bag: Ranged Touch Attack: +7; hit target gains 2 penalty on attack rolls and a 4 penalty to Dexterity and must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be glued to the floor; 1xTanglefoot Bag
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    Block GlassEye

    First, I've downsized the map. I hope that will enable you to see it, DT. If it is another issue let me know and I'll try to remember to provide descriptions accurate enough that you can operate without a map. At this point in time, Lem is 60 feet away from the nearest orc. Two orcs are coming out from behind some trees; the second ten feet behind the first. The ground between you and the orcs is fairly clear and will provide no impediment to movement.

    Second, actions. DT, since you couldn't see the map and didn't know the range, I'll allow you to edit your action. Plus, you've given me about two full rounds of actions and that doesn't take into account any movement. Right now, I need a single round of action from Lem (previously I said standard action but I think it's supposed to be a full round of actions. I'll check with perrinmiller since I got this system from him and see what he thinks). The initiative count is as follows:
    Rnd1/a - Lem, full round of actions
    Rnd1/b - Orcs, full round of actions
    Rnd1/c - Party (including Lem), full round of actions

    Initiative explained
    Ok, it occurs to me that most of you may not have encountered this version of initiative. I'll explain how I handle it.
    1. Roll Initiative for every participant individually (even each monster individually).
    3. Then average each side for the order between good guys and bad. So high initiative helps your side.
    2. Then on the losing side, check the individual rolls. If any rolls beat all of the winning side's rolls then they (and only they) get to act first in Round 1 and then they go again when their losing side goes. So that Rogue with Improved Initiative helps his side win, but if they lose yet he still beats the other side individually, he gets to go first. (This keeps it worthwhile to invest in initiative, even using group initiatives).

    In the future, unless you are preparing for an absence, please only state your current group of actions. Giving more than that is generally unnecessary and a waste of effort on your part since the combat will likely necessitate a change in the PCs actions. Thanks.

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    OOC: Sorry. Post fixed.

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