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    Besieged by Bones OOC

    This idea is somewhat experimental, but could be interesting.

    2nd level, Pathfinder, 4 PCs

    The PCs are in charge of a small fort (Fort Pierre) and nearby town. Each PC will hold an official title, which will be determined based on the class and background.

    The fort will be besieged by an army of skeletons. Hundreds of them!

    You will have to break the siege, protect the town, and/or figure out what's going on, engage in further fights, etc.

    But, you will have a small army of your own to command ... and feed. Cavalry, archers, infantry - about 100 men in all.

    Here's the unique twist: Because the PCs are low level, the combined combat power of your army will actually be greater than your own personal combat power! In other words, if the commander (you) decided to singlehandedly fight all of his own troops arrayed against him, you would probably lose! I know this is unheard-of in D&D, since usually only mid to high level PCs get to command armies, but in the real world it is possible for an army to be tougher in combat than its leader.

    You will also have to decide among yourselves who gets to command what troops, how to allocate resources, etc.
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